Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Weekly Tag Update

So last week not only was I down about my tag and naturally felt like it had last it's mojo but I myself kind of lost my mojo for blogging. It's helped me take time out and realise that this tag is a part of me and my blog. Therefore I decided to keep it going and at the least cover the themes myself :)

For the people that aren't sure what the tag is .. Firstly anyone can join .. secondly you create a outfit, mani, makeup look whatever you like aslong as it fits the theme and you send me pics which are then featured in a blog post along with your blog and twitter links. So if you'd like to take part just leave me a message below with either your email address or ideally your twitter handle.

So the next theme I decided is 'Breast Cancer Awareness' as it's breast cancer awareness month it's a perfect time to cover this theme. Now I won't kick the tag off next week as it is Eid (Muslim Xmas) so I thought I'd get a good break as I'm away to my mums. So pics would need to be in for the 22nd I will send out reminder tweets.

One final thing all the people even if you already take part could you leave me your twitter handles so I can make sure you are on my list for when I send out reminders.

Don't forget I still need as many theme ideas as possible also let me know your preferred day of theweek (when you have spare time to do the look) for reminders.

Until then tadaah people :) and happy Eid to my fellow Muslim readers/followers.


  1. Thats great to know! Eid Mubarak to you my darling ^_^

    hope the family is doing ok

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  2. Yay fantastic ! And what a good theme to kick it all back off with! My twitter is aimeebeasor xxxxx

    1. Thanks hun the tag is back on from next week x

  3. Happy Eid!

    I'm sorry I haven't taken part in the last couple of weeks, much as I love it, sometimes real life gets in the way of the's tough juggling everything!

    I will try to think up something creative for BCA!



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