Monday, 14 October 2013

Shany Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatches

Shany Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette - £21.95*

 Shany Cosmetics is a brand I've never tried before, they do a range of products which aren't so readily available to use in the UK, however I manage to spot them on BeautyStore4u website who do a range of American brands including Sigma, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics and many more.

I decided to go for the Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette which I thought had the perfect colours for A/W.

The palette contains a mixture of shimmers and mattes with a total of 88 eyeshadows and two foam applicators, the eyeshadows some have a chalky texture but some are very well pigmented which in my experience is normal, the darker/colour shades are very pigmented as oppose to the lighter shades.

I think the palette is worth the price as you get all the colours you would need to create a mixture of looks for just £21.95.

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