Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nanshy Eye Brush Set Review

Nanshy Eye Brush Set - £29.95*

So one of my favourite brush brands have extended their brand with this 7 piece brush set. I have all their brushes so far and use them on shoots, they are perfect I deep clean my brushes weekly and they have kept intact with no fall out at all, click *here* to see my previous review on one of their brush sets.

I definitely think this collection was a must to balance out their range of eye brushes. The brushes have a very luxury feel to them and as I've previously mentioned I am a sucker for white handled brushes they stand out so well on my dressing table and when I use them on shoots. All the brushes in this set come with the names printed on the handles along with the Nanshy logo.

This set includes:
Large Shader Brush
Tapered Crease Brush
Eye Crease Brush
Blending Eyeshadow Brush
Flat Definer Brush
Angled Detailer Brush
Bent Eyeliner
 I love how this kit doesn't just contain your normal basic brushes or the same brushes as they've released before, instead it features all different brushes. I really like the flat definer brush which seems to be the brush which is being used more for eyeliner and eyebrow application. The bent eyeliner again is another great idea it makes it easier to apply gel liner to the waterline once you get the hang of it this is a very handy design. The different sized shader brushes and bullet brushes they have to be my favourite as they are perfect for cut crease looks and smokey eyes. The large shader brush will be one of my most used brush too with it being dense it will be perfect to pack up the bristles with lots of eyeshadow to transfer onto the eyes.

Overall, I am once again very impressed with Nanshy, this 7 piece kit retails at £29.95 for luxury brushes which is a bargain as decent brushes cost an average of £10.00 these days. So if you already have basic brushes this kit is perfect to extend your kit further. This kit is available to buy from the following links:

What do you think to this kit? Have you tried Nanshy brushes before?

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  1. Wow i love it Nyc review now this one is on my wish list <3

    1. Keep me updated and let me know if you get it x

  2. These brushes look great. Thanks for the review.

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