Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Macadamia Control Spray Review

Macadamia Control Spray - £17.45*
Macadamia has become one of my favourite hair care/styling products, they have some amazing products in their range, one of them is 'Control'.

This spray claims the following:
Control - volumous, workable spray.
  • Humidity resistant
  • Secures any style with a medium, long-lasting hold
  • Infuses shine and reduces fly-aways
  • Workable styling spray with no flakiness or residue
  • Fast drying without stickiness or build-up
  • Natural UV protection
After using this personally I can definitely say this is definitely allows control of your hair. If you've ever wanted a hairspray that doesn't leave your hair rock hard in one position (the same finish a hair gel would leave you with) but allows you to have control over your hair, flexibility at the same time whilst giving it hold then this is perfect. I really like using this rather than a hairspray because it adds the perfect amount of hold without any flaking and holds the volume in my hair. I love to just spritz it into my hair once I've blow-dryed and volumised my hair, its also great to spray onto hair once I've curled it and finally it leaves my hair smelling lush!

Have you tried this? What Macadamia products do you recommend?

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  1. I don't use any type of hairspray because I haven't found a budget product I think is safe to use without having that idea in the back of my head that the product is unnatural, not to mention the several occasions I had to wear some (weddings/special nights out) I hated the feeling of sticky/rough hair.. I don't really have a lot of hair products in my country (Romania) and the ones that I find I either disapprove the ingredients or I simply cannot afford. This Macadamia control spray sounds very tempting. I'll be starting work next year (it's about time) and maybe a little hairspray would help keep my hair stay put and especially with those rebel strays...It's a shame I can't find it in my country. Either way: thank you for this review, maybe one day I'll go on a trip to other UE countries and find it.

    1. No problem, I do hope u manage to get your hands on this as it's a great product x

  2. Nice review, I haven't tried this product before.

  3. Wow this one sounds really nice! I must check it out! xx

  4. This sounds amazing! I have tried some of the products before but might need to give this a go! xx
    Genna Stylingnovice


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