Saturday, 14 September 2013

Macadamia Flawless Review

Macadamia Flawless - £25.75
Today I am reviewing Macadamia's Flawless I was actually intruged to try this and at the same time quite doubtfull if I'm honest. The purpose of Flawless is it replaces your shampoo and conditioner, so its like a 2-in-1.
What Macadamia say about Flawless:
Flawless shampoo and conditioner is an innovative hair care product that combines cleansing and conditioning to restore immediate and perfect balance to all hair types without using any harsh chemicals.
  • All-in-one cleansing and conditioning
  • Refined texture
  • Optimized styling results
  • Drastically cuts down blow drying time
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Surfactant-free and paraben-free

 Considering all the above this one bottle contains and promises to cover several aims i.e. cleanse, condition, protect, cut blow time etc.. I put this to the test and have been using it for over a week. Honestly speaking the first time using this I was afraid my hair wouldn't be cleansed properly but to my suprise it actually did what it says. My hair is the type if not cleansed properly it ends up greasier than before washing. Using Flawless was a bit like using a mask on my hair it left that exact feeling a hair mask does, my hair smelt lush and was easy to manage and dry. I will definitely be re-purchasing this once I have finished my Label.m shampoo.

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  1. This look really interesting - I love their products but haven't come across this one before!

    1. It's one of their newer products, I love everything I've tried of theirs so far :) x

  2. i bought this product after i read this review! i love it!!!! Great review!


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