Monday, 2 September 2013

Honeybell Natural Handmade Soap

Honeybell Natural Handmade Soaps - £4.50
Coming from a Pakistani background, natural products and remedies are a key in my tradition as our ancestors didn't have money to buy luxury products most of the products they used were all homemade and natural like oils from homegrown plants, perfumes from homegrown flowers, facial cleansers//masks from basic home ingredients etc.. Well today I am reviewing natural handmade soaps.

I decided to go for English Rose, Lavender and Honeysuckle & Jasmine all of these are known to have their own benefits. I have been loving using these to wash my face with day and night. Now if I'm brutally honest I have only recently started looking after my skin properly and following a decent skincare regime. I like to use these alongside or sometimes in replacement of my face wash.

Benefits of these natural soaps:
  • They do not contain any parabens or SLS
  • They do not contain any animal fat
  • There is no animal testing
  • They conform to all EU regulations and directives
  • They are all approved by a qualified Pharmaceutical Toxicologist
 What Honeybell say about these soaps:
Our soaps contain only the finest ingredients, the five oils we use in every bar of soap ensures that it cleanses and moisturisers your skin and is suitable for all skin types.
I totally love how clean and fresh my skin is left feeling when I use these soaps, the scent is another amazing bonus to these as its not too over-powering, finally I love how affordable they are too. They have a huge range of different soaps they provide click *here* to see the full range.

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