Saturday, 21 September 2013

Clarins Autumn Collection Review/Swatches

Clairns Autumn Collection *
Today I'm excited to share this collection with you, I am absolutely loving Clarins recently and definitely think it is over-looked, they are a brand that I feel have a luxurious feel to it and I LOVE their packaging and attention to detail.

Clarins 3-Dot Liner - £20.00
First up is their 3-Dot Eyeliner, now I have seen these by a couple of other brands and didn't quite know what their purpose is, this is basically designed  to be used 'dot by dot' as close to the lash line as possible to create an illusion of fuller lashes, whats even better is the fact it contains an innovative formula which leaves lashes visibly more beautiful not only that but it actually stimulates lash growth! This is ideal to use on those 'no makeup, makeup days' for when you are wanting a natural look.

I like to call this liner '3-dot 3-way liner' the beauty of this liner is you can use it in the motion of a mascara to get right between your lashes and to add stimulation to your lashes, you can apply it just above your lash-line  for even more of a fuller lash illusion and finally it also works just as well as any other eyeliner! Amazing right I have been enjoying using this a lot recently and love the fuller lash effect it gives me.

Clarins Crayon Khol - £17.00

This is Clarins Crayon Khol which is double ended, with the pencil at one end and a smudger brush on the other end. This is the first time I've seen a brush end designed to be used as a smudger and if I'm honest I was pretty doubtful about how well this would work. To my suprise when I gave it a go it actually works even more to my suprise I didn't have to actually have to press hard with the brush I literally just gently moved it back and forth over the swatch .. it actually works! I'm hoping to get 'Intense Black' as I think that'll be great for creating a intense smokey eye.

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick - £18.00
Without Flash
With Flash
This lipstick is in the shade 'Royal Plum' from the Joli Rouge collection which is designed to give long lasting and hydration in 3 new shades suitable for Autumn, the pigmentation is a lot more opaque than it appears in the pictures. As it is described this lipstick does keep my hydrates which I really like and beyond that I love the colours available perfect for the switch up all us makeup lovers make when the Autumn season comes.

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette - £30.00

This gorgeous quad has all the perfect colours to create the perfect look for Autumn, I'm not usually a fan of glitter eyeshadows as the glitter tends to end up down my face if I don't apply it with a mixing medium but the glitter particles are so light in this palette that I hardly have to fuss looking for bases to use to hold them in place.

A few pics of the attention to details on Clarins products what I really love:

Once again Clarins is a winner for me I'm really wanting to try their 'Face & Blush Powder' it looks amazing and can be used in so many ways!

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  1. The kohl liner and shadow quad are so gorgeous! I swatched the blush/powder palette, and it's really pretty! Love that lippie on you too! :)

    1. Thanks I'm going to look into swatching it in store before buying it x

  2. Oh that three dot liner looks super interesting i really wanna see how it looks on, sounds great. I love the eyeshadow palette also, such great shades.

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. I will try and look into reviewing it with pics xx


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