Wednesday, 25 September 2013

54th Weekly Tag - Winter Fall

Hey, hope you are all ok :) Life has been a lot more steadier and settled for me the past week, now that I have moved little man into his own room I get more sleep than I used to. I guess everyone's getting ready for shorter days, colder nights etc time is flying by soon I'll be moving houses! Anyway I need your help with ideas for future themes so if there's any theme's you'd like to do leave me a message :)

This weeks lovely ladies are:
Katie Twitter - @KatieFrank_x - Blog link
Rumbie Twitter - @RumbieLove - Blog link
Jasmine Twitter @sweetaholic - Blog link 
Inez Twitter @pureenlightened - Blog link
Maria Twitter - @mariaveronicaa - Blog link 
Georgina - Twitter @GeorginaGrogan_ - Blog link
Aimee - Twitter @aimeebeasor - Blog link 
Kaite's look:
Rumbie's look:
Jasmine's look:

Inez's look:
Maria's look:
Georgina's look:

Aimee's look:
Finally my look:

The theme for next week is 'Urban' inspired. Would love for you all to take part again hope you all enjoy this tag and most of all a BIG thank you to these lovely ladies who took part. If you are taking part in next weeks 'Urban' inspired, could you please email pics to: and leave me a comment below so I remember to get everyone's pic's before posts are released, could you also leave me your email addresses so I can give you a quick nudge/reminder. Photos need be in on/before Tuesday (1st Oct) 
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  1. Everyone looks amazing! Sorry I couldn't participate but I was away the past weekend!

    I must say Urban is going to be a struggle!

    1. Maybe do a very heavy smokey eye to kind of represent a urban look? X

  2. Well done ladies, looking forward to the Urban look, xoxo.

    1. Me too, not sure what I'm going to come up with x

  3. This is such a cool idea! Love all the looks xo

  4. I'm really digging those lashes Jasmine wore for this, they're stunning! And Georgina's brows <3 I love your lipstick as well so much Aqeela, together with those seductive eyes ;) Very well done everyone..!! :)

    1. Thank u, me too I love the flared effect lashes x


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