Wednesday, 18 September 2013

53rd Weekly Tag - Purple

Hey peeps I didn't get chance to send reminders this week as I was busy shooting a wooping 5hrs long with no food or drink it was hard but results seemed to have turned out really well so I was pleased I'm just waiting for the photographer finish with the pics and send them over to me.

This weeks lovely ladies are:
Deja  Twitter @BooogeyWoman - Blog link
Nalini Twitter - @themadeupmaiden - Blog link
Katie Twitter - @KatieFrank_x - Blog link  
Sal Twitter - @PetiteSal - Blog link

Deja's look:

Nalini's look:

Katie's look:
Sal's look:
Finally my look:

The theme for next week is 'Autumn Fall' inspired. Would love for you all to take part again hope you all enjoy this tag and most of all a BIG thank you to these lovely ladies who took part. If you are taking part in next weeks 'Autumn Fall' inspired, could you please email pics to: and leave me a comment below so I remember to get everyone's pic's before posts are released, could you also leave me your email addresses so I can give you a quick nudge/reminder. Photos need be in on/before Tuesday (24th Sept) 
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  1. Every1 did great but Aqeela your look is so daym gorgeous! U are seriously talented babe . Insta_candicep143 fb_candicepara twitter_candyp143 My blog_

  2. Oh no I completely forgot about this! I travelled last weekend and am travelling this weekend too so I have been totally swamped! But amazing looks from the girls who did manage to take part! xx

  3. Lovvvvingggg the looks!! Purple is my favourite colour when it comes to makeup, no doubts. It suits everyone and it looks so flattering!


    1. Purple is my fav for outfits and makeup :) xx

  4. Oh wow Nalini I love the lines on the eyeshadow. Aqeela are those contacts? They're really cool!

    1. Yep they are Desio lens so comfortable to wear x


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