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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Q & A With Dary Of A Makeup Geek - Part 2 My Answers

Ok so I totally got my dates mixed up for this so I would like to apologise! On to your questions:

Anonymous asked:
Hi aqeela I hope u and you' re gorgeous baby are well .
My questions are ..
What is your favourite perfume? I see a lot of makeup posts but you have never really shown us your perfume collection.
Is there any Mac collection item you would love to own but have missed out on?
What do you hate doing beauty wise?
Does your mum think you have too much makeup - mine does lol.
What makeup do you carry in your handbag?
My Answer:
Thank you for your questions, we are both well I hope you are well too. I used to buy lots of perfumes and actually have quite a collection but never done a post as I don't have all the up-to date ones, my fav perfume is Lady Million perfume. I think theres been a few MAC collections I missed out on like the villains and kitty ones. The one thing I hate doing beauty wise is removing nail polish to put some more on as I need free time away from little man to let my nails dry. My mum and everyone thinks I have too much makeup lol but they all understand my passion for makeup, I've gradually built my collection up over the years though. In my handbag I only ever tend to carry a lipstick usually the one I'm wearing on that day. 

Luchessa asked:
Hey sweetie,
say how do you feel about going out with no makeup on? Do you feel confident & pretty? Or are you simply using makeup, because you are having some much fun playing around with colors & textures? (That's what i do. Don't mind a bare face, but having so much cosmetics in the house, i feel like it would be a waste of opportunity :P) If you had to pick one brand to stick with for the next 5 years - what would it be & why?
My answer:
Hi Luchessa, thank you for your questions. I don't mind wearing no makeup and steppping out with no makeup on, I do tend to do this often its usually when I can't really be bothered or haven't had much time. I love playing with makeup sometimes I apply it just to have a play about and then remove it straight after. I have makeup urges so wake up wanting to try a certain look lol. I think the brand I would choose would be Illamasqua :)

Sal asked:
What's your top 5 favorite makeup products and why?
Do you put on makeup every day?
How do you combine being a mommy and being an MUA?
My answer:
Hi Sal, My top 5 makeup products are: eyebrow filler, foundation, blusher, eyeliner and lipstick. I choose these because they are all the products what I use daily, I dont have many eyebrows and have filled them in for years I look ill if I don't, I have a lot of pigmentation so choose to wear foundation to balance it out, blusher, eyeliner and lipstick complete the rest of my look.
I don't put makeup on everyday I think half a week I don't wear makeup if I am just in the house and can't be bothered.
I combine all my MUA work around my baby so don't tend to do any during the week only weekends when hubby is free and also have help from my in-laws.

Sonia asked:
Hi hope u dnt mind more questions( sorry I dnt have a blog so I come up as anonymous) my names Sonia
Your skincare routine/ essentials
Any makeup mistakes/ disasters with maybe photos to show us
Which premium makeup counter is the best for service and advice and your worst?
A little bit personal... With being a makeup loving girl how do you cope when you get a cold sore do you stop wearing makeup .i suffer from cold sores on the side of my nose I can't bear them and feel there's no point in makeup when it happens.
Which is more difficult face, nails or hair ?
My answer:
Hi Sonia, I don't mind your questions at all :) My skincare routine usually is exfoliating every other day, cleanse and moisturise day and night and always to remove makeup every night. Erm I don't really have any makeup disasters etc that I could show you or any that I am aware of. I would say Illamasqua has been the best for advice and the worst would be MAC as the people are so hard to get hold of and when I do manage to get hold of them they are always in a rush to get off. I share the same problem with you and coldsores except I get them brutally under my lip usually all the way down to my chin I still wear makeup but not round the area as makeup irritates coldsores even more, its a very stressful thing but I think I have them under control for now. Hair is most difficult since I've had my little one its been a lot worse so I have to keep extra care of it.

Keira asked:
Where do you design your picture like the one on this post? xx
My answer:
Hi Keira, thanks for your question, I had this picture designed by an illustrator.

Sania asked:
Which is your favorite summer skin care tip?
Sania Wasif from
My answer:
Hi Sania, Summer care tip would be to find the right moisturiser which doesn't sit too heavy on your skin and lets makeup stay in place all day.

 Thanks for all the questions I actually enjoyed doing this post I'm sorry about the post being up late and if you have anymore questions I'd be more than happy to answer them just leave me a message below.

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