Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me Review

Today I bring you a review on a very hyped and long awaited product to hit the UK. Baby Lips finally hit the UK this month I'm not quite so sure why it took Maybelline so long to release them to us over here in the UK. So like every other blogger I wanted to see what the hype was about, I love lip moisturizers and have a little collection if I must say so myself. So I headed over to Boots to pick myself one up, I only tried 3 different Boots and couldn't see them so when I asked the staff the lady said they have them but just not on display and pulled out the last one of the 'Cherry Me' so obviously they are selling well and why they weren't on display only fresh air knows, but hey there's six in total and I think this is the deepest tinted one out of them all.

What makes this one different to the rest, well it contains a high SPF (SPF20) which protects your lips from the sun not only that BUT this is said to give you 8hrs .. yes a whooping 8hrs of hydration. So I put Baby Lips to the test and have to say it managed 3hrs through drinking, eating etc but my lips did stay well hydrated for a lot longer. So is it any different to other decent lip balms .. probably not it may have a extra little kick to it as it contains SPF20 and the hydration lasts a 'little' longer, do I regret picking this up .. nope as I think the packaging is cute and the little price tag of £2.99 did me no harm although the tint is barely noticeable infact Burt's Bee's lip balm has a lot more tint to it than this. I enjoy using this but it is just the same as any other decent lip balm.

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  1. I still havent got my hands on these yet, feel like I already know so much about them tho lol. Will give one a try soon.. :)
    Cute blog, glad I followed :)


    1. Thanks Hun, they are definitely worth the money but meet your average lip balm standards x

  2. I just bought this and reviewed it as well! I think it is an absolute bargain :)


    1. I totally agree with u on that they are bargains x

  3. I have Peach Kiss and Pink Punch and I love them both. Love how they feel on the lips + I really like how they smell too :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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