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Friday, 30 August 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler Review

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler - £59.96

I have been wanting to try this baby ever since they were launched, with three different barrell settings it makes this curling wand unique and different to the rest. I managed to pick this up from Asda Direct for just over £35 as they had them on offer with an extra 10% off.

The Totem Styler comes with a heat protection mat/pouch
Closer up of the Totem Styler
Wand settings and holder/stand
Plastic end
This wand has a lot of useful features like the heat mat/pouch, stand to balance the wand on the mat and of course the three different barrel options. I absolutely love the detailing on this wand it gives a luxury feel to it.

The key feature on this wand is it is sectioned into three parts which you adjust the heat settings for each part, this then creates different types of curls. Setting one gives loose curls and three gives tight curls, I prefer the 3-2-1 setting giving me volume on the top leading to tighter curls, the reason I like this setting is because the tight curls at the bottom have to drop so once they have dropped I still have decent sized curls. I also like to switch it up a bit so the curls aren't all the same and to add a bit of definition I do this by swapping the wand round which makes it a 1-2-3 setting. I haven't burnt myself at all which is an added bonus, my hair also doesn't kink as much when I use the little clamp. The wand itself is titanium coated which means my hair just glides off rather than stick to the wand or get knotty.

Heres a few pics of a curls I created using a mixture of settings, ignore my cropped face I wasn't feeling so photogenic that day lol

The Totem Styler does come with a heavy price tag but I would definitely recommend this and if you have a shop around more than often there is some sort of offer on so it may be useful to have a look around, I know it is also available at Argos and John Lewis who had this on for £30.00 at one point.

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  1. always been very intrigued by this, it looks great!

  2. I love the effect this curler gave to your hair. I have never heard about a curler divided into three different parts and you can change the heat settings for each part . Ahhh i wish they would hold a giveaway and i would win it ;) don't own a hair straightner,curling iron or a blow dryer just because they are so expensive

    1. You should definitely try this wand it's amazing x

  3. 1-2-3 and 3-2-1 are my favourite settings too!
    Your hair looks amazing <3
    Lucy x

  4. I picked mine up from boots on Friday I love it. I like 222 and and 321 x


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