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Saturday, 17 August 2013

EGO Professional Big Ego Review

I've been using GHD straightners for about 6-7 years now and have been through a few pairs but I can say I've religiously stuck them since converting to them. Today I am reviewing Big Ego, I have been trying these for a while now. 

What EGO Professional say about the Big Ego:
Take statement styling to a whole new level with ego 1" irons. Featuring fully adjustable heat settings, a polished exterior and ribbed outer body, these fabulous irons utilise Heat Boost Technology to deliver a consistent, optimum temperature in seconds. Whether you want to simply straighten or create amazing waves and curls, all the inspiration you need is now in your hands.

First off I love the colour theme on these straighteners and the ombre design both add a touch of luxury impression. The Big Ego heat upto 210 which isn't far off from GHD's but what I do love is you can control the heat which is ideal as I have cut using heat on my hair and this gives me control over how much heat I'm using (GHD take note of this). It only takes seconds for Big Ego to hit the highest temperature mark which again is another positive and they don't burn your fingers when you hold the straighteners firm to create curls.

           Before straightening                          Straightened            

                                     And finally curled

I am quite pleased with the results and didn't find curling my hair was difficult, I actually found the grips on the outer packaging of the straighteners helped guide the curls. The curls themself without product lasted all day, they did fall slightly which is expected but then held their shape. The Big Ego can be bought from BeautyBay for £69.95 so not quite as expensive as GHD's, they also do a range of other hair tools click *here* to see what else they do.

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  1. hey Aqeela following you hun, from
    i was just about to buy GHD ones but u changed my mind now. i have been using babyliss.

    1. Thanks Hun, babyliss were my first ever straighteners and I thought they were the ones til I got my GHD's but I can confidently say these are in the same league x

  2. what hair you have got hun name please?

    1. Not sure what u mean Hun, if u mean what type is my hair then it quite dry at the ends so I have to go to some measure to keep it well tamed x


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