Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stargazer Pearl Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatches

I actually don't own many if any neutral coloured palette's so for me this palette is a little change I guess as I am looking into buying some neutral palette's for my kit. Stargazer is a brand which I have only literally started exploring. My first thoughts on their palette's are they remind me of the paint palette's I used to get as a kid, the packaging is somewhat similar lol that is a positive thing because I loved painting so I owned about 5 of them paint palette's. The Stargazer palette's retail at £22.00.

generally I quite like this palette however I couldn't get a swatch or any colour from the second shade on the top row which was a little downfall the other downfall is however I love the concept and packaging of the Stargazer palette's I would prefer the black tray which holds the eyeshadows to be a little more secured in to the white casing, because it is slightly loose I worry this may damage the eyeshadows when I'm carrying them in my kit. Over than these two things this palette is great you get 10 decent sized pans and the eyeshadows are very pearly great for creating a variety of smokey eye looks.

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  1. Really nice colours! I found you through a bloghop and absolutely love your reviews.

    Check out stylevancity.blogspot.ca if you get the chance :)

    1. Thanks for the follow will check ur blog out x

  2. The colours look lovely! And te star would be dangerous in Case they break ekkkk! Xxx

    1. Don't get what u mean about the star Hun x


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