Thursday, 25 July 2013

Q & A With Dary Of A Makeup Geek - Part 1 Your Questions

I thought it would be fun to do this tag as I feel I'm not interacting much with my followers, I asked yesterday how many of you would be interested and a few came forward. So here's a quick post all you need to do is leave your questions below in the comments section and in a weeks time (1st August) I will do another post with all the replies. You can ask me anything from makeup related to personal opinions I'm quite open minded so won't mind, lets start the party with your questions :)


  1. Hi aqeela I hope u and you' re gorgeous baby are well .
    My questions are ..
    What is your favourite perfume? I see a lot of makeup posts but you have never really shown us your perfume collection.
    Is there any Mac collection item you would love to own but have missed out on?
    What do you hate doing beauty wise?
    Does your mum think you have too much makeup - mine does lol.
    What makeup do you carry in your handbag?

  2. Hey sweetie,
    say how do you feel about going out with no makeup on? Do you feel confident & pretty? Or are you simply using makeup, because you are having some much fun playing around with colors & textures? (That's what i do. Don't mind a bare face, but having so much cosmetics in the house, i feel like it would be a waste of opportunity :P)

    If you had to pick one brand to stick with for the next 5 years - what would it be & why?


  3. What's your top 5 favorite makeup products and why?
    Do you put on makeup every day?
    How do you combine being a mommy and being an MUA?

  4. Hi hope u dnt mind more questions( sorry I dnt have a blog so I come up as anonymous) my names Sonia
    Your skincare routine/ essentials
    Any makeup mistakes/ disasters with maybe photos to show us
    Which premium makeup counter is the best for service and advice and your worst?
    A little bit personal... With being a makeup loving girl how do you cope when you get a cold sore do you stop wearing makeup .i suffer from cold sores on the side of my nose I can't bear them and feel there's no point in makeup when it happens.
    Which is more difficult face, nails or hair ?

  5. Where do you design your picture like the one on this post? xx

  6. Which is your favorite summer skin care tip?
    Sania Wasif from


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