Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hair Extensions - My Thoughts/Your Thoughts

Above are pictures of my hair over the last year and half

I wanted post about something totally different today … hair extensions! Hair extensions are something I’ve been interested in for years but never tried them myself.  There’s many different types of hair extensions you can get i.e. clip-in, sewn in, clamped in and so on. I’ve always wanted to try the clip-in hair extensions as they seem to be the safest option. Hair extentions also come in different types real hair or artificial hair, there’s certain types can’t straighten,  different styles curly, straight, waved etc all this confuses me even more.

Why I’ve wanted to try hair extensions – I’ve been trying for years to get my hair to grow long but unfortunately it never makes it past a certain length before needing a cut. The longest my hair has been was through pregnancy it was half way down my waist! It is said due to hormones nails, skin and hair is at its healthiest through pregnancy until after birth it takes a swing to the total extreme. I’ve totally switched to do the best I can for my hair by using natural oils, the least amount of heat possible trying to cut out using straightners in fact I rarely straighten all my hair anymore , using hair masks .. I guess you get the picture.

Recently I’ve been looking at hair extensions options because since giving birth my hair has just always fallen out like crazy on the other hand my hairs been all different colours but now I only have a bit of my dip-dye to grow out and then it will be all my natural colour I guess it would be even more beneficial for me to get hair extensions as it will allow my hair to grow at the same time. 

There’s been literally two things putting me off getting hair extensions, first one – depending on which hair extensions you go for they can actually be damaging for your hair and can cause you to lose hair too. The second thing is the prices but then again I guess you get what you pay for really.
I’ve recently been looking online at I actually like the look natural black hair weave which come in four different lengths and loads of different styles but I’m not too sure yet, I think it’ll be safe for me to have a word with my hairdresser first, but I don’t want to end up in the dilemma of him wanting  me to buy the salon extensions.

So I thought it would be interesting to write a post about my thougths and then obviously to get som thoughts and advice from my readers, have you tried hair extensions? Which hair extensions would you recommend? And finally what are your general thoughts about hair extensions?


  1. I own some hair extensions but I don't really use them as I have pretty long hair anyway. So I guess I can't offer advice on which are the best but I adore hair extensions on others. I'm a big lover of long hair so definitely go for it!

    Bamboozle Beauty

  2. I've had sets of clip ins for the past 7 years (lots of different colours) and think theyre great for days when you fancy a bit more length to your hair.

    The only thing is that human hair vs synthetic hair is that you can notice it for a far.

    Synthetic matts and gets frizzy and you cant curl or straighten.

    If you're going to go for clip ins I would!!

    Weaves might not be best if you're going through the post baby shed (I have had that twice :( )

    Any questions you can tweet me :)


    1. I think I'd like clip-ins but ones I can use straighteners etc on x

  3. I've had lots of different type of hair extensions from glue in to clip in. I currently have copper micro beads with virgin Brazilian hair and I think they are great, but it's because I wanted permanent extensions. If your happy to spend the time putting in clip ins then try Lush extensions, I have had many sets from different companies and these are best in price and quality.I also have been unable to grow my hair since having children and really missed my long hair, I have a great extensionist as well who looks after my hair as well. :-D

    1. Jammed only wear them occasionally (until I get hooked) can you use straighteners/curling wands on the ones from Lush x

  4. I've been a huge fan of hair extensions for years, as my own is just quite thin and limp - and then I started bleaching it on top of that so it never grew to a good length by itself. I've used clip-ins, had glue-ins and now have a sewn-in weave which I love.

    To be honest, I've never experienced any horror story incidents of damage to my own hair and scalp - as with most things, if they're cared for properly (and most importantly, removed properly) then the damage can be limited.

    I look forward to reading your post if you do get the clip-ins :)

    Claire xx

    1. Totally agree with you about the care bit Hun lets see if I have any luck finding the right ones, thanks for your advice x

  5. I really want to try some hair extensions because my hair never grows past a certain point, but I have recently been trying out a 3/4 wig which is like a hair piece that makes you look like you have extensions in and I LOVE it! :) x

    <a href=">Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog</a>

    1. That's a great idea, I never thought of that plus it would be a lot easier too x

  6. I am using hair extensions for almost two years and think that it a lot depends on the shade you choose actually. Let me tell you about my hair extensions, they are functional and graceful. The quality of your hair extensions also play a crucial role, so it is important to buy from trusted online retailer so that you can stay away jeopardy.


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