Wednesday, 24 July 2013

45th Weekly Make-Up Tag - Monochrome

Yep you guessed right it's that time of the week, after umm'ing and ahh'ing and asking your opinions last week I've decided to keep the makeup tag going when I think about how I was the first to ever start a tag like this and how successful I've made it and also seen others take up the idea it would be a shame to let it go, after all the efforts with a screaming baby and staying up until 4 in the morning to type the posts up I just can't bring myself to end it so I'll keep it running until it dies down, can you believe it we've been doing this tag for nearly a year! Thank you to everyone of you for you honest feedback I really appreciate it :) Ok for this weeks tag if I'm honest I didn't have a clue what monochrome makeup would be .. want some more honesty I still don't know, when I think of monochrome black and white springs to mind so I went with just that and this is what happened, I'm not happy with how the pics came out I once remember a photographer saying they don't like shooting white as it blows out I think I experienced just that  ... We have a lovely new lady joining us so please make Keira feel welcome girls ...

This weeks lovely ladies are:
Elsa - Twitter @Elsamermaidia - Blog link 
 Deja  Twitter @BooogeyWoman - Blog link
Keshia - Twitter - @KeshiaGlam- Blog link
Sal Twitter - @PetiteSal - Blog link
Jasmine - Twitter @sweetaholic - Blog link 
Keira - Twitter @blogandmakeup96- Blog link

Elsa's look:

Deja's look:

Keshia's look:

Sal's look:

Jasmine's look:

Keira's look:

Finally my look:

The theme for next week is 'Bohemian' inspired make-up. Would love for you all to take part again hope you all enjoy this post and most of all a BIG thank you to these lovely ladies who took part. So if you are taking part in next weeks 'Bohemian' inspired make-up look could you please email pics to: and leave me a comment below so I remember to get everyone's pic's before posts are released, could you also leave me your email addresses so I can give you a quick nudge/reminder. Again can photos be in on the Tuesday (30th Jul) thanks peeps =]
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  1. Love the looks, ladies!! Yaay!
    And I'm really glad you decided to keep the tag. Like you said, you were the first one to come up with this and that's a big reason to keep it going :)
    Also, you've managed to bring so many girls together with this tag! You can be proud of yourself, my blogger mama!



    1. Aww thank you and not to forget all the precious friends I've made through the tag too and got to know you all a lot better including you! Love how similar our looks turned out too x

  2. Iv been so busy lately! And every wednesday im gutted i didnt take part :'( im gonna try and do this one morning next week!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous looks ladies! And well done again on a successful week Aqeela! I'm so happy you've decided to keep the tag going, despite how difficult it can be at times! I agree, you've made it so successful and I always look forward to it - whether I'm participating or just to see what other looks the girls have created!
    I'll never forget when you contacted me asking me if I wanted to take part! xx

  4. How can I take part in this? Shall I just email you for details it looks like so much fun! my twitter is @glitterinfatuat if you want to contact me :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  5. I will be taking part again next week! xx

  6. hey I'm a new follower to your blog but i absolutely love it!
    mine is but i found you through bbu blog hop xxx

  7. YaAAAAAY for keeping the tag! I'm going to cry out of happiness :) I truly believe that's a really original idea and brought so many different girls from all over the world together. Thank you for that Aqeela <3
    Amazing looks! Can't wait for the bohemian makeup! I already have something invisioned in my mind ;)

    And hiiii to Keira. What a beautiful name she has :)


  8. LOVE Deja and Sal's looks :)
    And woohoo! You're keeping the tag going! :D


  9. Wow, I really love Jasmine's look!

  10. LOVE the ombré monochrome and black and white lips. Also love aqeelas eye look xxx

  11. Congrats, girls, on smashing the monochrome look! I really wanted to take part and had some great ideas but just ran out of time. :(

    Welcome, Kiera!

    Aqeela, so glad you decided to keep the tag! I love playing along! :)

    I'll try my best to get Bohemian done but am a bit under the weather this week.


  12. Everyone has done an amazing job!! I'm going to really try and join in next weeks one! Just I'm backt to full time work now grrr!!! Loving the monochrome! One of my favourite looks!! Xxx


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