Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Ipad Cover By Cygnett

Recently I have been through about three different iPad cases they just don't do the damn job. Finding the right iPad cover always seems to be a total headache even when you find the right one but it is too bulky or has too much of the sides exposed which means they will get scratched. Not so long ago I was given the opportunity by mytrendyphone and I chose a design which I've never seen before. Rather than try and explain the design I will let the pictures explain for themselves.

I totally love the colour its actually different to the ones which can be bought on eBay, the design is very sleek too it covers most corners and edges but is slim and snug around the iPad at the same time. The area in which the iPad sits in is similar material to velvet which means it won't get scratched which I think is a totally amazing idea. The unique design of how you can turn this case into a stand is what tops it off, you can fold it gradually the usual way but I find I prefer to stand it up this way as it holds the screen more upright. This case itself retails at £32.50 which I would happily pay as I couldn't have been more pleased to have a iPad which has all the simple things you expect in a case. do a variety of cases and electronic accessories, click *here* to view all their iPad accessories, click *here* to view all their iPad 3 accessories and *here* for all their iPad 4 accessories.

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  1. Wow!It's awesome!I have an ipad and this is what I need!!

  2. Ohhh look at that! I've seen a few on ebay like this too but never in this colour! So pretty!

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    1. Hehe I love how bright the colour is x

  3. This looks awesome! I love how flexible the back is!


    1. It takes relaxing in bed on your iPad to a whole different level x


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