Saturday, 4 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

Hey peeps I don't think my little blog is worth it but I thought I'd give this a go its a bit of a long shot but hey why not. If u truly enjoy reading my blog I would love for you lovely people to vote for me towards the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards as the Best Established Beauty Blog.

It would mean the world and back to me and really just takes a few moments. Blogging has helped me re-live my dream to become a Pro Makeup Artist which is what I'm working towards at the moment. I am son to be qualified under a Pro Makeup Artist too. So yeh please spare a moment and vote for me by simply clicking this *link*

Thank you xx


  1. I will vote for you hun, but think you would be in the established beauty bloggers section since your blog is more than a year old? Or will be when they shortlist people...xxxxxx

    1. Thanks for this, I've changed it now :)

  2. congrats hun :) and i will vote for you ^_~


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