Wednesday, 8 May 2013

34th Weekly Makeup Tag - No Tools

This weeks tag is totally different to ones we have done in the past I thought why not mix it up a little bit and have some fun and decided to go with 'No Tools' and I've gotta say we all did a good job. I can officially certify us all and say we would survive if we had no tools lol (I've done that in the past came to stay at my mums and forgot my brushes at home wasn't good lol) Sorry about the pics had to crop half my face as it's now the fourth week going and my coldsore's wont leave me alone :( It is totally depressing me I can't eat or drink and having to do the makeup course with it knocks my confidence down even further :( Finally I'm sorry I'm posting the tag later on in the day, as I got in to bed at 2am after running around all day I remembered I forgot to do the tag and because I am at my mums I didnt bring my laptop and my dad's PC is in his office so sorry again girls hope you understand.

This weeks lovely ladies are:
Deja  Twitter @BooogeyWoman - Blog link
Alice - Twitter @BrightownGirl - Blog link
BreezeyBee - Twitter @breezeybeee - Blog link 
Numra - Blog link 
Mimi - Twitter - @LilMimmy - Blog link

Deja's look:

Alice's look:

BreezeyBee's look:

Numra's look:

Mimi's look:

Finally my look:

 The theme for next week is 'Sweets' inspired make-up. Would love for you all to take part again hope you all enjoy this post and most of all a BIG thank you to these lovely ladies who took part. So if you are taking part in next weeks 'Sweets' inspired make-up look could you please email pics to: and leave me a comment below so I remember to get everyone's pic's before posts are released, could you also leave me your email addresses so I can give you a quick nudge/reminder. Again can photos be in on the Tuesday (14th April) thanks peeps :)


  1. Aw, wow. We definitely would survive with no tools, even though I prefer brushes. I was kinda lost and almost start blending with a brush. haha
    Great job ladies! Too bad more of them didn't participate!
    Love next week's theme! :)
    And don't sweat it, Aqeela, not a big deal!


    1. Thank u, ur a total babe, next weeks theme is totally exciting and difficult too :) x

  2. Well done,we all did great:)

  3. Well done ladies. you all look fab. next week will be a tough one. x

    1. I'm sure we will all do fine we've braved alot harder :) x

  4. Wow, you girls are all just professionals! Well done and sorry I couldn't take part hun, xoxo.

    1. Hehe, hope ur ok Hun it's not like u to miss the tag x

  5. Cool post, I loved it!!xo
    Follow me and I'll follow back<3

  6. hope ur getting better by now and ur cold has gone, all ladies look fabulous <3

  7. cool looks, i would have looked like a deranged racoon without any tools but you hardly even notice that there were no tools used on your looks :)!! next week sounds like a thing i could actually have an idea for YAY :)!! hope you feel better and get rid of that cold soon Aqeela :)!!

  8. I REALLY wanted to participate but I just ran out of time! Everyone looks gorgeous! I'll see if I have the energy to whip up a 'sweets' inspired look for this week's post. :)


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