Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Shavata Heart Tweezers Review

I first saw these tweezers on the lovely Sandra's blog I regularly read her blog and would recommend you to check it out. I've been on the hunt for some tweezers lately and these seemed the perfect shape with their unique styling so I got in touch with them.

My thoughts:
I have very fine eyebrows so finding the right tweezers isn't so simple for me these amazingly gripped on to the finest of fine hairs which I was really pleased about. The unique style of the tweezers is thier best feature as they are palm sized and give you a comfortable hold. Come on lets face it we have all been there when plucking I get frustrated and my hands tire out while I fight to pluck my barely there eyebrows hairs but not with these. The detail to casing is another plus point with these babies, they come in a mirrored compact with the shape of the tweezers engraved into the lid to avoid them sliding and scratching the mirror at the base of the compact. They are perfect for storing or taking on your travels as they don't take much room. So its a big thumbs up from me. These retail at £21.00 and can be bought from their website which is pretty average for a decent pair of tweezers.

Make sure to connect with Shavata in the following ways:
Twitter: @ShavataBrows

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  1. I seriously love them! I was worried that they might be a pain to use, but they are perfect and sooo well made. It is love :)

    Thanks for the mention lovely :) x

    1. No probs Hun I'm so glad I seen the review on your blog x

  2. How cute are they xx


  3. Oh I am so getting me a pair of these! Thanks for the review Aqeela xx

    1. No probs this is why I love blogging :) x


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