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Thursday, 4 April 2013

OOTD & FOTD Wedding Celebrations

Hey I would like to start doing more fashion posts but until I don't get a tripod I won't be able to make it a regular there will however be some more coming up as I've done lots of clothes shopping for my holidays. Anyway I attended a family friends wedding so thought I'd do an asian style OOTD with FOTD and how I did my hair etc although I didnt like how the pics turned out as I feel I look butch lol but here goes I'm still a newbie so I would love any tips.

Outfit: Asian net dress with lining, extremely detailed chest area with diamantes. Border of dress, arms and around the chest detailing features red and green out lining.

Jewellery: Guess chunky necklace, Guess multi-fine chain bracelets with charms,  Jinkksy double disco ball earrings

Hair: I supported a messy bun look with a heavy overloaded fringe using extra hair to give the swept over heavy fringe look.

Makeup: I used a nude matte shade as a base on the eyes with a metallic bronze stretched to the outer corners, I added detailing with black liner outlined above the black eyeliner with red and applied heavy false eyelashes for depth. I teamed the eyes up with heavily contoured cheeks and bold red lips.




I hope you enjoyed this post please let me know if you would like me to do more fashion related posts and all tips are welcome :)


  1. I just realized that you have a really pretty eye colour! :)
    Love this outfit and makeup is flawless <3

    1. My eye colour gets lighter with sunlight, thanks babe x

  2. Gorgeous!!!Your make up is Fabulous and I'm loving your Top.

    btw coming from the bloglovin' blog hop



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