Friday, 26 April 2013

2D Cartoon Bag

In my last giveaway I featured one of these so thought I would review mine for you guys. When you look at the picture it just seems like a cartoon drawn bag and fake lol even when its worn it seems like an illusion in a sense. I use mine for when I'm heading out quickly I throw in my laptop, keys, mobile, nappies, wipes and few extra bob's for little man. Now when you look at this bag you really doubt you'd be able to get much if anything in. Well the secret is that it expands at the bottom. It also features two sections, a zip on the back and an expandable strap which lengthens enough to be worn as a cross shoulder bag. This bag is big enough to fit my Ipad 2 both length ways and width ways to give you an idea of how wide and long it is. So not only do you look bang on trend but you also get the job done which to be fair if it didn't do the job it would be pretty pointless.

Sorry cut my face out lol but this is how I'd rock the bag
This bag really can make your outfit look fun and trendy at the same time and will definitely be flying with me on holiday. There are other designs and colours available one suitable as a changing bag too with front pockets as bottle holders.
The style of bag I have retails at £20 and the others are roughly around the same price tag so not pocket burners if you like. I got mine from the lovely lady who runs Moo & Boo she also sells Mia Tui bags, be sure to follow/like her in the following ways:


  1. omg love it I need to get one soon

  2. They look so cool and different! Like carrying around a cartoon! x

  3. LOL this confused me for sooo long. Even looking at the picture just confuses me. Cool though :)

  4. This bag is crazy! I LOVE it!

    Lauren x

    1. Crazy is another way to put it :) lol x

  5. This is amazing. I love it. So unusual!! M X

  6. They are really beautiful cartoon bags. Every cartoon bag shown here is beautiful and will create a funky look if worn with an appropriate funny wear. Really awesome and cute too.


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