Thursday, 18 April 2013

100% Natural Balm

I got a gorgeous little balm in one of my beauty boxes I think it was the Jolie box, first impressions I did look at it and think well what am I going to do with you because I didn't pay much attention, I think I started off using it just on my lips the texture is suprisingly very light but very nourishing.

Coincidentally one of my Twitter friends from Slovenia happened to mention it and really raved how much she loved it and was placing and order to purchase more, so I asked her what she uses it for that's when I found out how useful this beauty is! 50ml costs £9.99 with free P&P I used the code Jolie20 and received 20% off.

So I looked further into it and OMG is this balm versatile, it can be used for soothing, nourish and renew skin, itchy skin conditions, bumps, bites grazes and minor burns, cleansing balm for after shaving, works great on your feet if you put it on at night and put some socks on, amazing for split ends, chapped lips and even your hands. It says on the box 'Smudge, Smear and Spread Me Wherever You Want'.

The best part is its 100% NATURAL HEALING BALM!

Want to know which balm I'm talking about...

Here's some more useful info I found for you:

Yep it's 'MOA the green balm'! Buy yours here =] xx


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