Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spending Ban Update

This is my first spending ban update sorry I've not had chance to do one sooner, my ban ran out on 1st March but because I broke it a few times and plus its done me good during the time I was on it I've now extended myself on it to 1st May. 

How did I find it:
At first it was difficult I was used to having parcels everyday sometimes 3-4 different couriers a day. I actually never did a post on what I've spent in a month but I did one in December you can see that *here* this kind of gave me a reality check although it looks like heaven and don't get me wrong it felt like heaven too. So the hardest part for me was breaking out of the habit of having parcels everyday once I got past that withdrawal I was good and felt good too. I did break it a few times and not too many which I'm compensating for and extending my ban.

- Make a wish list of stuff you want to buy after the ban
- When you see an item you want look at what you have already similar shade/purpose
- Remind yourself everything will be there once you are off your ban
- Try find a hobby something else to focus on in spare time or time you would usually spend looking at stuff to buy
- Avoid/remove company emails so you don't see tempting offers
- Aleays remind yourself is this something you really need

So that's it for now peeps I'll be doing another update at the end of my ban hope the tips help you x


  1. I started mine yesterday going till 1st of april to begine with. exept im alound to get stuff for my makeup artistry kit and for my 1 year giveaway.

    1. I guess its only fair, keep me updated on how you get on x

  2. Aw i did a spending ban too, mine was for 50 days and it was easy to start with but as the days got on i wanted more and more stuff and i was having withdrawal symptoms! :P haha
    I wana wish you good luck until May, its all about self will! :P
    Cant wait to read a few more updates!

    1. For me the start was hard, breaking out of the habit of having whatever I want and no parcels I've been treated my hubby in between which helped but now I feel ok in fact proud of myself :) x

  3. Aww well done and good luck with the rest of it! I've been thinking of starting a 30 day one- you know to get me started and all :) Might start it the end of march to the end of april.. Thanks for the tips :)

    Siobhan xxx


    1. Thank you, wishing you lots of luck too, let me know how u get on with it x


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