Saturday, 30 March 2013

My Personalised Name Plaque

There's no secrets in the fact I love make up, I happened to be nose-ying around on Twitter when the lovely Caz posted a pic of a plaque she had made it was WOW I fell in love, so I asked her for more deets, that's when she pointed me in the direction of Stacie Sparkle.

I contacted Stacie straight away and told her what I would like lots of pink and purple and that I love make-up. She told me it would be £36 including postage. I was then given the offer to pay half and then pay the rest once I'd seen it and was happy. It took roughly 3 weeks which I was informed of, then Stacie tweeted me a pic to see if I was happy, she was really nice and made some alterations for me. Once I was happy with it I made the rest of the payment and it was posted out to me...

Tadaaaaah my gorgeous plaque:

As you can see lots of sparkle, glitter, make-up items and colour! I love it why not get yours by getting in touch with Stacie on Twitter, her Twitter name is @Stacie_Sparkle =] xx


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