Friday, 8 March 2013

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop In Event

I attended my first beauty event held by Illamasqua and had my first mini bloggers meet up with the lovely Hayley and Ashleigh be sure to check out their blogs! The event was on Sunday 3rd March at Meadow Hall, Sheffield I traveled from my mums (Huddersfield) which is about 40 mins drive. At first I was confused as to where the event would take place as it was classroom based. Once we met up we headed off inside they had made comfortable room inside with chairs and demonstration space the itenary was as follows:

12.00 - 12.40 Skin enhancement and blush effects
13.00 - 13.30 Individual eyes and statement lips

I'll pre-warn you this will be a lengthy post.

First we was given a introduction the two main staff doing the demonstrations were Carl (Business Manager at Sheffield) and Zoe (Assistant Manager). The two lovely models were Anna and Layla, there was meant to be a third model who didn't show up the whole idea was for them to do makeup on each type of skintone. Illamasqua first opened up In Selfridges, London in 2008, they have been open in Meadow Hall for under a year. Founders of Illamasqua were Alex Sparks and Jo Corrie. recently Vivienne Westwood did a shoot in which they used only Illamasqua products. Illamasqua use 60% pigments in all their products whereas other companies use 25 - 30%. All Illamasqua brushes are synthetic as they hold colour best compared to other brushes.

They begun with demonstrating how to use their cream pigments as concealers there was two shades used first one was a orange shade for covering up dark circles etc second was green which was used for colour correction. They showed us two different techniques the first one was sweep and blend the second way was to use a v shape i.e. under eye.

Model Anna
Model Layla

Cream pigment used for concelear
Blending brush used to apply cream pigment
 Next they prepped the skin using matte/satin primer, the matte primer contains Silica which is what creates the matte effect, both their primers smell quite sweetagain we was show two methods of how to apply primer either buff it on with the same blending brush or use a circular motion. They then applied their skinbase. We was told pink undertones are for cool skintone and yellow are for warmer. We was also given a tip on how to find out your undertone by thinking about how you sunburn if you tan then you are a warm skintone and if you burn then you are a cool undertone. Also darker skins scar/pigmentation goes even darker therefor to mix a red undertoned foundation/skin base. Illamasqua have 28 different skin base shades.

Translucent setting powder

Next we was shown how to contour, starting of with bronzer they used 2 different techniques for contouring, Zoe contoured by sculpted in the hollows of the cheeks for this she used a powder to contour whereas Carl contoured by adding depth to the top of the cheeks and blending downwards he used a cream pigment. Zoe then went over the cheeks and added a hint of coral whereas Carl went over the cheeks and darkened certain parts and added some colour.

Pigment used on Layla
'Crushed' pigment used on Layla

'Glint & Writhe' contouring duo used on Anna
Blusher used to add colour to Anna's cheeks

Anna with cheekscontoured
Layla with cheekscontoured
Moving onto eyes both Zoe and Carl filled in the eyebrows and selead using Sealing Gel which intensifies colour by upto 4 shades darker and makes them waterproof. Then Carl used a sketching technique where he used a black pencil to outline around the socket including under the eye and blended really well finishing by highlighting the brow bone, whereas Zoe did a more neuatral smokey eye by using a light colour on the lid and the darkest colour around the socket and blended into a medium colour.

Finally they finished off the lips Zoe used a nude-ish pencil and filled in the lips and then went over with a similar colour lipstick whereas Carl used the same pencil he used on the eyes and filled in 95% of the lips leaving the middle which he ombre'd with red.

The finishing looks:

We was also given a goodie bag containing a pair of lashes, Illamasqua magazine and a check list for items we want/need I know its not much but to say the event was free they didn't really have to give us the goodie bag although I'm not sure i would use them lol.

Overall I enjoyed the event and look forward to attending more, Illamasqua are the only company who have started holding events Nationwide I wish more companies would do the same I know there is loads in London but unfortunately not all of us can access them, the post was slightly lengthy but I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I'm dying to get to one of these Beauty School Droo-ins, even more so now having read this! Great post xxx

    1. Thanks big well done to Illamasqua for doing these events x

  2. Ugh I haven't been able to go to ANY events/product launches. My job totally interferes with my passion :(

    1. Hopefully soon u will be able to, this was my first one x

  3. Sounds like a fab event. Brands really do need to start holding more nationwide events. I think Benefit and lush do event in different citys. x

    1. I've heard of Benefit doing them, as for Lush I went in to ask and the staff were clueless they thought I wanted to host a party and wanted their hamper pack :/ x

  4. Amazing, sounds like there's a lot to learn! Wish I could attend one myself heehe :p

    1. Yes there was I learnt lots of tricks and different techniques x

  5. I'm jealous! I want to go to such an event too!
    I love how Layla is contoured, especially with her dark skin

    I bet it was an event with lots of things to learn :)


    1. Fly over & we can attend them all together lol, do u have none happening in Holland? X


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