Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google Shizzle Update - GFC Is Not Going

Didn't know what to call this post hence the title yesterday I was confused but since researching about and reading the lovely Sal's post click *here* to have a read.

First things first:

- GFC is NOT on the changes list 
- Google reader is retiring due to it not having so much popularity you can read about that *here* 
- Although we can't be certain how long we have GFC for it certainly WILL remain for now
- I cannot see Google getting rid of GFC due to it being one of the most popular features but if they did I am sure there would be an alternative but who knows

I however have installed Bloglovin (Follow my blog with Bloglovinas a back up which I think it is only sensible to do so.

So if Google Reader is going and GFC is not how do you manage blogs?
Well simply by keeping up to them through your Blogger Dashboard ( this is different to Google Reader.

I've also become aware that there is a petition gong round to stop Google Reader going although it is worth signing it click *here* if you wish to do so.

If like me you have decided to add Bloglovin too, there is a way to import all the blogs you follow via GFC to Bloglovin here is a couple of links with tutorials miss drifted snow white's tutorial and tiny paint pot's tutorial

I hope this cleared things up a little for you all let know of any updates too.


  1. Thanks for this post; essentially for me GFC is sort of becoming useless just because blogger reader is so unorganized and not mobile friendly, therefore by Google getting rid of Google reader it defeats my purpose of using GFC. I honestly think GFC will soon be gone as well, since Google has been talking about getting rid of it since last year, and they've been pushing more for Google+; this is why I am shying away from GFC and using other similar products such as bloglovin and hellocotton.

    1. Yep I totally get you on the fact they are pushing google+ into force x

  2. Thanks for linking up with us in the I Love My Post blog hop! It seems like there's a lot of unnecessary drama over this google reader business, and I am glad that you are clearing that up for people!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

    1. No probs, twitter was mayhem yday lol x

  3. Thanks for the links! I only just found out i can import firefox bookmarks to chrome ... -_______- this will help me alot!


  4. GFC is no longer available or those who wish to have it on their blog, or are are new bloggers. They're phasing it out and replacing it with Google+ followers.


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