Monday, 18 February 2013

Miss Digi Nails Review - Inc Nail Wrap, Lip Tattoo & False Nail Tutorials

I love helping promote the smaller businesses that really make an effort one of them I'm bringing to you is Miss DigiNails they are based in Middlesbrough. What makes this company different is not only do they sell nail wraps, lip tattoo's and false nails they also have a salon where you can have all these done, besides all this they offer a service which I've never seen before 'digital nails' i was like huh whats that basically you can have any image you like printed on to false nails so for instance if your going out and have an outfit you simply take a picture and send this to them which they get printed on to false nails ... how cool is that. The other day someone tweeted a picture of nail wraps that had pics of love heart sweets from a magazine and it sprung to mind that all you have to do is send a pic and you can have that printed on to false nails!

Here's some pics of nail wraps, lip tattoo and false nail ranges they do:

My thoughts:
Lip Tattoo's: I found these very easy to apply once I got the hang of snipping them to the right shape all I can say is follow the guidlines and its simple.

Nail Wraps: I loved these babies specially the rainbow ones, these easily lasted 2 weeks but you are advised not to wear them longer than two weeks and to condition your nails once you take them off.

False nails: Again dead simple to use as adhesive is provided and as long as you take care of them they can even be re- used.


Sorry about the size of the pictures but the writing was too small otherwise. I was more than happy with all these products the only thing I found a bit fiddly was the glitter lip tattoo but the normal ones were really easy to apply. Would I recommend .. yes most definitely, not only are the products great but the customer service is brilliant! Their website is due to launch very soon but if you did want to order you could go to their Facebook gallery catalogue, lots of designs to choose from on there too.

Here's a few pics of what I mixed up with the nail wraps:

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