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Friday, 1 February 2013

Melt Candle Review

I stopped buying candles because everytime I bought a Yankee candle one of my family members would swipe it :( But recently I was contacted by a company called Melt and I jumped at the opportunity to say I would love to review for them. 

Here is the candle I was sent:


 The candle I was sent to review was in the scent 'Blush' (Melted Vanilla on a base of Ambers and Woods)

Our workshop and main retail outlet is located at Backridge farm, in the heart of Lancashire's beautiful Ribble Valley where we are now surrounded by other artisans, furniture makers, artists and an award winning restaurant/licensed coffee house.
We hand pour our candles to ensure that every part of the candle is fragranced and use the highest quality materials sourced from long- established, specialist providers; and wherever possible don’t use any synthetic ingredients.
Our fragrances are developed by us, with a little help from the finest fragrance houses and each candle takes up to 36 hours to produce, resulting in a unique and beautifully fragranced range.

What I thought:
I was hugely impressed with the presentation of the packaging as they say first impressions are a major and to be honest I wasn't in the slightest disappointed in the candle itself. When I opened the box this candle came packaged in the smell instantly hit me, I am to be honest not a fan of sweet scents but this candle isn't the overly powering kind, it is strong but in a good way if that makes sense. I've placed this candle on my dressing table and often use it when I am putting my makeup on it kind of helps me wind down and relaxes me as weird as it sounds, not only that but leaves my whole room smelling fresh. I also use it on a night when I'm bed-hopping or blogging, it really is very relaxing. i will definitely be purchasing more oncce this runs out.

Why is it different:
A burn time of 70+ hours is one of its amazing biggys, secondly the effort in all the detailing and presentation which is put into the candles is beyond amazing. Not only that Melt Scented Candles have a huge range of different scents they offer, 30 in total, the prices are totally affordable ranging between £7.50 - £32.50. They also sell diffusers, luxuries, candle holders and fragrances.

Head over to their website by clicking this link
Follow on Twitter: @meltcandles


  1. Wow I am really impressed - 70+ burning hours and a great price. Will be looking into this!x

  2. Looks lovely! Candles are always such a nice way to relax and 70 hours is awesome in terms of burning time .....enjoy it lovely xx


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