Tuesday, 5 February 2013

MAC Violette Dupe

When I first saw the shade 'Heroine' by MAC I went crazy trying to find it, even rung MAC Pro and they couldn't seem to help much after looking for days on end I found ONE review mentioning it was a limited edition shade, so I then went on to find dupes where I was introduced to MAC Violetta being the closest MAC shade to Heroine and obviously I purchased =).

While looking for dupes I was also directed towards NYX 'Orchid' by the lovely Lucy (Twitter name @Lucyelms) being told this was a good dupe too so a big thank you to you hun make sure to give her a follow guys. So I purchased that I mean if it didn't turn out how I wanted it or wasn't a good dupe it wasn't really one that would burn a hole in my pocket.

I'll let you see the verdict for yourself:

Side by side NYX Orchid looks more 'pinkier' than MAC Violetta but have a look below

Top MAC Violetta - Bottom NYX Orchid
Not so different after all although both shades look on the pink side in this pic this is due to the flash they do swing more on the purple side in reality. So a good dupe or what =) x


  1. wow, that's nice you could find the dupe.. They have similar color.. :D
    thanks for sharing ^^

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  2. That is a good dupe, I really thought they wouldn't even be similar!!! It is so hard to buy lipsticks by looking at them (especially online!) I love your new header it is fab!!! Did you do it yourself? xxx Rose

    1. Thanks hun, I didn't think so either. I totally agree with you on that although in that sense google has become my good friend :) I did the header myself and really proud of myself as sad as it sounds lol


  3. Hello from the blog hop! :)

  4. The actual lipsticks look like two different shades - purple and pink! But the swatches look almost identical! x

  5. Wow amazing - they are totally identical in colour. Really didn't expect the NYX one to be the same quality and have the same pigment - good find x

  6. Thats an amazing dupe! :) Thanks for sharing :)


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