Thursday, 21 February 2013

Baby's Diary - You Turn 8 Months Old

This ones a few days late due to having a few scheduled posts and being super busy but here we are again time is flying by before it was days and now it's months. It saddens me slightly you are growing so fast but then seeing you do all the new things you do I well up with joy. Recap of last month follows:

- Your first tooth has surfaced not by much but a little
- You are settling in a lot more at the day centre but if one baby starts crying it's like Chinese whispers but in very loud baby cries version
- Your first word was daddy <3 p="">- You seem to be very unsettled on nights
- You have started to throw your weight back and forth to get the walker to move
- You've discovered how to grab the side of the cot and pull yourself up
- You have started crawling backwards and at one point even reached the kitchen lol
- You're still very attached to mummy and always want me to be next to you otherwise chaos breaks loose
- You often try to cry to get attention but yet end up screaming
- You're way of getting mummy and daddy's attention is by saying 'uh'
- You love the theme song of Eastenders and often stop what you are doing
- You like to dance when you hear any music and often shuffle on your bum or rock back & forth
- When we are out in the car and the music is on we often hear you humming I guess singing along because you stop as soon as it goes off

That's it for this month see you back here next month lots of love <3 nbsp="" p="">


  1. Aw, your little one is so cute, you've posted some lovely photos on Instagram lately :)
    Mel xx

  2. lovely baby :) baby grow up so fast...

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  3. Aww! Sweet! :)
    You've got a lil rockstar! ;)
    May God Bless Him! xo

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ


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