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Monday, 7 January 2013

Xmas Prezzies From The Hubby

I haven't included my MAC shop the hubby treated me to in this post a seperate post on my collection will be up soon. Anyway I wasn't really expecting anything from the hubby because we don't celebrate Xmas coming from asian backgrounds so the Illamasqua Mystery gift box and Lipsy coat were a suprise but the Miss Selfridge leopard print coat was one I wanted so he bought me it. I shopped all month round and spoilt myself rotten thinking I wasn't going to get any presents but lucky me hehe.

How did he know I wanted the Illamasqua mystery set because he slyly watched over my shoulder as I adored it on my Ipad LOL felt so lucky though because I really badly wanted it, the stuff is just amazing.

Here's pics of what I got with swatches:


  1. Ooh la la those coats are fabulous, your hubby has awesome taste! The Illamasqua surprise box was amazing! You got some beautiful goodies in there! :)

  2. Gorgeous jackets! xx

  3. I love the bow necklace! Also I love the blue and coral eye shadows, I think those colours look great together, perfect for a lovely, summers day look xo

  4. Coats are beautiful! I love the first one.



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