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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

River Island, H&M, Newlook, FD Avenue, Internacionale, Forever21 & Matalan Haul

For a change from the usual this one is a fashion related haul, we all know the weather is way too cold well that gave me the perfect excuse to do some clothes shopping last month, by the way I'm doing well with my ban so far, there is a few things just screaming at me 'buy me' but I'm holding myself back like a good girl.

FD Avenue incase you are wondering is an online store it  used to be called Funky Divaa you can see my previous haul here. It took me sometime to figure out they had changed their name, I first purchased from them when they had a crazy 50% off offer on it was too good to be true and I ordered 3 different times! This time however they had a 20% off discount code which I forgot to use so got in touch with them and they said they couldn't refund the difference I was very upset some of you will have read my tweet's they kindly got in touch and said on this one occasion they will do it but it is their policy and can't do it in th future which I think was VERY nice of them so will definitely be ordering from them again great customer service. click here to be directed to their website.

Anyway there's a mixture of stuff in this haul, clothes bags and shoes/boots so hope you enjoy =]

Small Wedge Boots - Newlook £24.99

Wedge Trainers - Newlook £33.74
Jeggings - FD Avenue £8.99 each

Pink Jeggings - FD Avenue £8.99 Black Rose Print Leggings - Newlook £9.99

Leather Panel leggings - Internacionale £19.99 Black Inner-Fleece Leggings - Newlook £9.99

Black and White Contrast Blazer - Forver21 £27.75

Black Waterfall Blazer - Outfit £22.50

Checked Long Shirt - Matalan £12.00 Neon Pink Skirt - H&M £5.00

Heart Jumper - Internacionale £10.99 Lipstick Jumper - FD Avenue £17.99

Coral and Purple Bodytops _ FD Avenue £6.99 each

Grape Zip Tshirt - Internacionale £6.99 Cardigan - FD Avenue £17.99

River Island bags left - £35.00 right - £25.00

H&M Fur Waist Coat - £24.99
 I would have included the rest of my clothes but a week later the company haven't got back to me nor do I have my order so will be a further update on that. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading xx


  1. Great choices hun, I would wear everything apart from the checked shirt because I'm not a checked shirt person lol. Its too hard to ban spending completely, I can't stop it but I limited it, xoxo.

    1. Thank u Hun, atleast you have made a start n that's the main thing setting realistic targets for ourselves x

  2. Love your taste..that is one amazing was your makeup one :)

  3. Great haul!!! xx

  4. Lovely haul! Love the wedges!


    1. They are my absolute fav cnt seem to keep them off my feet anymore x

  5. Replies
    1. Thank u, they are beyond comfy and so easy to walk in and Look good, bonus :) x

  6. The River Island bags are lovely. I'd be so worried about getting them dirty though!x

    1. They're easy to wipe down so its not too bad :) x

  7. Love those 2 jumpers! Perfect for this cold weather x

    1. They're amazing and bargain price too :) x


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