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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Baby's Diary - You Turn 7 Months Old

Today you turned 7 months old, as hours and days fly I am more and more drawn into you, what a gorgeous little boy you are and the amazing things you do it's kind of like a case of watching you do all the finer things. Up until you was about 3 months old I could do everything while you slept shower, vac, clean and cook you name it. But as your sleeps got shorter and you stayed awake longer I couldn't do any of that. Until now I have been putting off going to baby groups due to the area and people but this morning I woke up and while you drunk your milk I washed my hair and dried it pretty cautious and scared of when you will start crying but you did well. It was wake up call there is just me and u in the house until daddy gets home and I needed to get you interacting with the outside world so I pushed myself through the snow and I've and started taking you to the day centre. So following are recaps of the past month.

- You began to sit up on your own and very stable too the staff at the day centre were pretty surprised at your stability for how young you are
- You love playing with your toys and get bored of them very quickly
- You love your walker but again get bored very easily although you have got hang of the idea pretty quickly
- We bought you a dashboard toy which has a gear stick, steering wheel etc and the first thing you did was hold the steering wheel with one hand and gear stick with the other as if you have been driving for years
- Still no sign of teeth although you cover you bibs, clothes, arms, legs and everything possible with your dribbles
- You recognise people very well and have started reaching back to me alot although I feel proud I know it's not good practice
- You are baby talking, screaming and gurgling more often for longer periods
- You have started doing this cute thing with your hands where you open and close your fists as in to say pick me up
- You are loving food and want more and more as time goes on, you mmm at desserts
- A few people have mentioned how you look big for your age which is a good thing
- The health visitor has still not been out to see you since 3 months, we had you weighed at Mothercare and you weighed roughly 15 pounds
- As I walk past or when you are on the look out for me or daddy u tilt your head and lean forward which is beyond cute
- I feel very proud to say this but you know how to follow your shadow I have recorded this precious moment
- I find it almost difficult to be serious with you as you are just so cute and laugh at literally everything

That's mainly everything and bye until next month, love you lots mummy's little precious dot <3 p="p" x="x">


  1. Awww this is beyond cute and precious <3 I love reading these posts as they remind me so so much of the time my lil man was that age:)Give your lil man a huge kiss from me :*

    1. It's a great way to not all the precious moments :) he sends lots of love back x

  2. Such a lovely post. Sounds like you lil man is growing up fast. Enjoy every second. x

    1. It's scary, he's growing up too fast it was just yesterday he was a newborn lil baby who just slept all the time unless he needed a feed x

  3. This is just the most adorable thing ever! It takes me back to when my little boy and girl were at that age.. and it makes me just a little bit broody.. which is not a good thing since I had decided that was enough! x x

    1. Aww thank u, just wish u could keep them this small :) x

  4. nice post, i love baby, time flies so fast huh? my baby is 3 month now :) if u dont mind u can see her face in my blog


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