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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nanshy vs Sigma & Nanshy Products Review

When I first saw a review of Nanshy brushes I was amazed with how much alike they are to the Sigma brushes. Just looking at the pics you could tell how good the quality is I know that sounds a bit over rated but they really are great quality. Anyway after seeing the review I headed over to beautystore4u (click here to head over to their website) they also sell their products on Amazon I just clicked the first link which happened to take me to their website.

They offer a range of products from different brands like Coastal Scents and Sonia Kashuk, ordering from them was pretty straight forward so I took the leap and ordered the Nanshy Foundation Makeup Brush Set. When I received the brush shet they had even kindly sent me the Nanshy Brush Holder and Nanshy Makeup Sponges to nice of them!

As for the brushes I was even more impressed than I was when I first seen them! I don't own the Sigma Kabuki set which contains 5 Brushes all the same as the Nanshy except you get one extra for the price of £64.95I was very close to actually purchasing it but held back, I am beyond glad I did as the Nanshy brushes are amazing I would even go as far as saying they are dupes costing less than half the price at £29.95! Want to see why I'm raving them so much then wait no mor and see for yourself:

Nanshy Brushes, Sponges and Brush Holder

Nanshy rushes with their signature
Nanshy Sponges

Tadaah! The gorgeous Nanshy brushes

Left Nanshy Brushes - Right Sigma Brushes

Now I don't own the Sigma Kabuki set but I have the Mr Bunny Essential kit (which I'm selling they are brand new not used email if interested and for comparing purposes I took this pic.

Similarities: Both have a v similar design
Differences: The Nanshy brushes are more dence but I am guessing the Sigma kabuki brushes will be just as dense, Nanshy brushes are packed with soft bristles rather than just a fair amonut of bristles, most of all I think the quality may even beat Sigma and without a doubt the price definitely does!

Nanshy brush holder - is a unique design unlike the sigma one which can be bought from independent companies such as Crown Brushes. It is very stable and each side holds more brushes than the Sigma one.

Nanshy Sponges - remind me of the Beauty Blender sponges I haven't actually tried them if I'm honest, I have used the Nanshy sponge, simply by dampening and applying foundation, they leave a good finish and are simple an easy to use.

I will definitely be ordering from Beautystore4u the customer service I received was amazing the extra items they added for me to review was a bigger bonus. I hope Nanshy expand their brush range as I will racing to order more. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @BeautyStore4U and check out their website here.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Twentieth Weekly Makeup Tag - Party/Going Out

I can't believe exactly 5 months ago I started this tag, I didn't for a second think it would last this long or be this successful. I well up with joy as this is something I started. Of course the tag would not be what it is without you guys I don't let that slip my mind ever, neither do I think I own this tag its the team we have built and dedication so it belongs to us all. Sometimes it gets hard as I am a mummy and whisked off my feet and also attend two courses a week but its all worth it. So as a thank you I was thinking of doing a giveaway what I'm not sure of is when and what, I have a couple of idea's I am thinking of holding the giveaway at 24th week (6 months) and as the prize I'm thinking one of the limited edition Urban Decay palettes (Theodora/Glinda). I need your advice girlys firstly when should I hold the giveaway secondly do you think my prize idea is good? Also what would you like to win don't be shy as I want it to be something you will like. The giveaway will be different to my usual ones (I have a 300 follower giveaway going on at the moment so if you've not entered then head over to it) to make it fair I will be putting everyone's name who has participated in the weekly tag into a hat and then a random persons ticket will be picked.

Please also welcome BreezeyBee who has joined in this week :) (frantically waves lol)

Anyway the lovely ladies participating this week are:

BreezeyBee - Twitter @breezeybeee - Blog link
Sal - Twitter @PetiteSal - Blog link
Alexis - Twitter @Smokincolour - Blog link
Elsa - Twitter @Elsamermaidia - Blog link
Alice - Twitter @BrightownGirl - Blog link
Hanna - Blog link 
Purity - Twitter @pureenlightened Blog link
Mimi - Twitter @LilMimmy - Blog link
Deja  Twitter @BooogeyWoman - Blog link
Jadirah Twitter @Jadirah_Sarmad - Blog link
Jasmine - Twitter @sweetaholic - Blog link
Fiona Twitter @Trixiebellexx Blog link

BreezeyBee's look:

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lash Boutique False Eyelashes Review

I was contacted by a lovely lady from Lash Boutique to review some eyelashes. 

A little bit about Lash Boutique:
Lash-Boutique was founded by beauty industry experts and close friends Elaine Freeman and Jenny Sapiano. Both Jenny and Elaine have worked in the beauty industry and had a desire to provide people with high-end yet affordable natural looking false eyelashes.
Researching hundreds of different lashes, they were delighted to find the perfect human hair natural looking lash. With determination and a big leap of faith, Lash-Boutique was born.
The brand currently offers a range of 12 styles of lashes, from the everyday to the extremely glamorous. Beautifully packaged, with trademark Lash-Boutique black glue and crystals, it takes the ‘love our lashes’ motto to a whole new level.

Here are the pair I was sent to review:

The lashes came in a beautiful box which I was pleased with and you also get a tube of lash glue too. At first they looked like a simple pair of false eyelashes, since receiving these I have had 3 good wears out of them, once i remove them the glue comes off easily, unlike other lashes they have not yet lost their shape in anyway, I even put them to the test by tugging a little when removing the glue from them.

Here's pics of me wearing them:

What I thought:
I got a great wear out of these and probably will get double more, the lashes don't lose their shape and are amazingly comfortable to wear they don't irritate or hurt your eyes like some eyelashes, infact I would rate these just as much as the Eyelure lashes! They look great giving me a natural but healthy look, they blend in with my eyelashes as you can see from the close up pics and don't look 'fake' and too dramatic. The price ranges are really affordable too and Lash Boutique have offers too! The presentation of the lashes is really good and was the first thing what caught my eye. I didn't find anything wrong with them so it's a 10/10 from me :).

You can see all the ranges of eyelashes Lash Boutique offer by clicking this link. Also make sure to follow them on Twitter @Lashboutique2

Monday, 28 January 2013

New Hair

I used to be crazy and out there when it came to my hair I've had every colour going in my youth except pink! so since giving birth I had it dyed and toned down really recently I've had it done again to something even more natural dark brown with a flash of burgundy/brown underneath so I thought I'd do a post on it. In the last 7 months my hair has been 4 diff colours :) 

This just a short post hope you enjoy, which colour do you think suits me best?

Here's pics of the colours I've been through:

After pregnancy I wen a vibrant red
Then I toned it lighter to a very light brown

I then toned down to few shades lighter brown than my natural colour
And now I'm very dark brown with a flash of burgandy/brown underneath

Friday, 25 January 2013

300 Follower Giveaway

Its giveaway time :) I am so pleased with the success of my blog you will have heard me tweeting about it not only did I reach 300 but 304 I couldn't have done it without you guys and that means so much to me so I have decided to hold a giveaway where there will be two winners. I must mention Sleep-In Rollers have kindly offered to give my followers a prize of goodies which include tan, rollers and lashes! So a big THANK YOU to them!

First prize 
Sleep-In Rollers, tan and false lashes - Open to the UK/European residents
If you wish to enter for this prize you MUST follow Sleep-In Rollers on twitter @SLEEPROLLERS

Second prize 
Lush bath bomb, Illamasqua liquid metal, MAC lipstick of your choice, Benefit Naked Basics Palette - Open internationally

This giveaway has come pretty quick so I haven't had chance to buy the Naked Basics palette  to be able to put a pic up. You will need to give me a week - 2 weeks to get the items to you simply because I am a mummy and things get a bit hectic for me lol. The pic of Sleep-In Rollers above is mine and not the gift. Finally please have a quick read of terms & conditions and enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter below =)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

More Items Added To Blogsale

Illamasqua liquid metal only swatched £8

 Too Faced palette

Couple of colours been swatched
Bought last month for £42
Selling for £35 + £2.50 p&p
The Color Club nail varnish from the Halo Hues Collection

Already have a very similar colour from same collection click here to see swatches
Selling for £7 + £1 p&p

Sigma Mr Bunny Essential kit comes with brush holder


E05 - Eye Liner
E30 - Pencil
E40 - Tapered Blending
E55 - Eye Shading
E60 - Large Shader
E65 - Small Angle
E70 - Medium Angled Shading
F30 - Large Powder
F40 - Large Angled Contour
F50 - Duo Fibre
F60 - Foundation
F70 - Concealer
Brand new not used, wrong colour, paid roughly £100 plus £25+ customs charges 
Selling for £85 + £4 p&p

P&p for all items is £2 I have more items on my blogsale to see them all clickHere all payments are to be made through PayPal, I am open to offers too :) 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nineteenth Weekly Makeup Tag - Wedding

This weeks theme is one I was excited to do, it gave me the chance to do something I've wanted to do for ages pull my wedding dress out and do my own wedding makeup. I loved doing my own wedding makeup Pakistani/Indian weddings are very colourful and full on if you like. For my wedding I wore the traditional red and gold.

This week we have a few new ladies so please welcome Alexis, Feyi and Elsa :)

Alexis - Twitter @Smokincolour - Blog link
Feyi - Twitter @UtUBlog - Blog link
Elsa - Twitter @Elsamermaidia - Blog link
Alice - Twitter - @BrightownGirl - Blog link
Numra - Blog link
Hanna - Blog link 
Purity - Twitter - @pureenlightened Blog link
Nisha Twitter - @ninadollmakeup - Blog link
Lili Twitter - @LetsGetLippy - Blog link
Hina -  Blog link
Sal Twitter - @PetiteSal - Blog link

Alexis's look:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Diorskin Airflash Foundation Review

I've always fancied the idea of airbrushing and even bought my own kit a few years ago but I'm not too sure what I did with it, anyway I seen this beauty whilst browsing the net and can't believe I've seen no reviews or anyone mention it before. It's basically an airbrush foundation but in a can which comes out in the form of a spray what a great invention huh infact I'm suprised no other brands have come up with this idea. Anyway after reading reviews and watching a few blogs it was a definate buy for me.

Ways to apply:
A lot of the reviews I saw were people applying this to their brush and then on to the face but for me what is the point when you can do that with a normal foundation the other technique I watched was where it was applied to the face then blended with a brush that again defeats the object. I apply direct to the skin and only some areas do need slightly blending. As far as coverage goes you can build as much as you like or keep as natural as you want.

What I think:
I think its a brilliant idea, it can get messy but all I do is wear a makeup/facial hair band and then apply. It makes your skin look totally flawless in photo's and that's using a DSLR where every detail can be picked up. Rather than hug your blemishes dry skin this sits neatly on top as if almost placing a sheet, I don't have many to be honest but can suffer dry skin from time to time. The staying power again even that's amazing. Only thing is getting the hang of it, it can get messy but once you suss it your away to go. I wouldn't say it's as simple as spray and go as the foundation does take some time to set and a bit of blending. Will I buy it again ... YES :)

Here's some pics so you can see for yourself:

Left with - right without
Can't believe I've put this up but no makeup
With, I had to fill my eyebrows in or I looked like I had non lol

And here's a look I created but the perfect picture to show how flawless it makes skin look, I've not put no setting powder on
Have you tried the Diorskin Airflash or what do you think, I'd love to know xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

How To Apply Eyeliner - YouTube Tutorial

I've had quite a few discussions with ladies on twitter wanting tips and best ways of how to apply eyeliner so I thought what's better than doing a video to show how to apply it. I'm not the best in anyway but this is my way of applying eyeliner, I don't like to use the stretch eye technique as the eyes area is very sensitive and over the years causes fine delicate lines aka wrinkles which we all like to avoid so pulling, stretching or tugging of this area is a no no. Anyway hope you enjoy and for more videos check out my YT channel: aqeelakeela I am only starting up so I hope I'll get better with time :) xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Baby's Diary - You Turn 7 Months Old

Today you turned 7 months old, as hours and days fly I am more and more drawn into you, what a gorgeous little boy you are and the amazing things you do it's kind of like a case of watching you do all the finer things. Up until you was about 3 months old I could do everything while you slept shower, vac, clean and cook you name it. But as your sleeps got shorter and you stayed awake longer I couldn't do any of that. Until now I have been putting off going to baby groups due to the area and people but this morning I woke up and while you drunk your milk I washed my hair and dried it pretty cautious and scared of when you will start crying but you did well. It was wake up call there is just me and u in the house until daddy gets home and I needed to get you interacting with the outside world so I pushed myself through the snow and I've and started taking you to the day centre. So following are recaps of the past month.

- You began to sit up on your own and very stable too the staff at the day centre were pretty surprised at your stability for how young you are
- You love playing with your toys and get bored of them very quickly
- You love your walker but again get bored very easily although you have got hang of the idea pretty quickly
- We bought you a dashboard toy which has a gear stick, steering wheel etc and the first thing you did was hold the steering wheel with one hand and gear stick with the other as if you have been driving for years
- Still no sign of teeth although you cover you bibs, clothes, arms, legs and everything possible with your dribbles
- You recognise people very well and have started reaching back to me alot although I feel proud I know it's not good practice
- You are baby talking, screaming and gurgling more often for longer periods
- You have started doing this cute thing with your hands where you open and close your fists as in to say pick me up
- You are loving food and want more and more as time goes on, you mmm at desserts
- A few people have mentioned how you look big for your age which is a good thing
- The health visitor has still not been out to see you since 3 months, we had you weighed at Mothercare and you weighed roughly 15 pounds
- As I walk past or when you are on the look out for me or daddy u tilt your head and lean forward which is beyond cute
- I feel very proud to say this but you know how to follow your shadow I have recorded this precious moment
- I find it almost difficult to be serious with you as you are just so cute and laugh at literally everything

That's mainly everything and bye until next month, love you lots mummy's little precious dot <3 p="p" x="x">

Needing a Favour And Support From My Followers

Today's post is to basically ask for a big favour from you all. As you will know I love makeup with a passion. I've basically entered some of my makeup looks in a competition with Inspired Magazine, if you love my work then please vote for me.

It's really simple basically you need to like their FB page by clicking this link you have to do this for the votes to count, once you've done this go to the pictures folder named 'Your Style Competition' in there you'll find my pics (7 in total) and all you need to do is like them, it's that simple but will mean alot to me.

Thank you once again to all the people who have voted for me and all of you who do, I can't express how much it means to me because I'm self taught and have been working since 17 in non related jobs and now a mummy I haven't had the opportunity to go out there and do a course and gain a qualification to build a career it's something I've dreamed of doing for years maybe in time to come but who knows. Anyway so yeh I'd love for my work to be noticed and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to make that happen :) once again thank you x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Eighteenth Weekly Makeup Tag - Zodiac/Star Sign

Hey hunnies we are all back together again this week with the zodiac/star sign makeup. Hope yo uhave all been fine I know theres a mixture of feelings towards the weather personally I don't like it, I get cold too quick and just hate it when snow goes all dirty, muddy and slushy. Quick note girls there is a blogger stealing others posts and pics so please start watermarking your pics as generally its becoming a issue as well.

I'm excited for next weeks theme 'Wedding' I may just pull my absolutely heavy but stunning wedding outfit out. I think this is a slightly versatile theme as asian's look full on, on their weddings or you could go with a elegant and classic look which is usually what its like on english weddings.

Anyway back on to the subject, I have just entered the Inspired Magazine competition with my makeup looks, I entered 7 pics in total. I'd be really really realllllly grateful if you would all vote for me by liking my pics. All you need to do is click this link it will take you straight to the folder with the pics, you basically need to like their page first and then like my pics simples =D like I said I'd really appreciate it.

This weeks ladies are:
- Maria  - Twitter - @mariaveronicaa - Blog link
- Alice - Twitter - @BrightownGirl - Blog link
- Fiona Twitter - @Trixiebellexx Blog link
- Mimi - Twitter - @LilMimmy - Blog link
- Kerri Twitter - @missyb29 - Blog link
- Sal Twitter - @PetiteSal - Blog link
- Numra - Blog link
- Hanna - Blog link

Maria's look (Libra) :

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

River Island, H&M, Newlook, FD Avenue, Internacionale, Forever21 & Matalan Haul

For a change from the usual this one is a fashion related haul, we all know the weather is way too cold well that gave me the perfect excuse to do some clothes shopping last month, by the way I'm doing well with my ban so far, there is a few things just screaming at me 'buy me' but I'm holding myself back like a good girl.

FD Avenue incase you are wondering is an online store it  used to be called Funky Divaa you can see my previous haul here. It took me sometime to figure out they had changed their name, I first purchased from them when they had a crazy 50% off offer on it was too good to be true and I ordered 3 different times! This time however they had a 20% off discount code which I forgot to use so got in touch with them and they said they couldn't refund the difference I was very upset some of you will have read my tweet's they kindly got in touch and said on this one occasion they will do it but it is their policy and can't do it in th future which I think was VERY nice of them so will definitely be ordering from them again great customer service. click here to be directed to their website.

Anyway there's a mixture of stuff in this haul, clothes bags and shoes/boots so hope you enjoy =]

Small Wedge Boots - Newlook £24.99

Wedge Trainers - Newlook £33.74
Jeggings - FD Avenue £8.99 each

Pink Jeggings - FD Avenue £8.99 Black Rose Print Leggings - Newlook £9.99

Leather Panel leggings - Internacionale £19.99 Black Inner-Fleece Leggings - Newlook £9.99

Black and White Contrast Blazer - Forver21 £27.75

Black Waterfall Blazer - Outfit £22.50

Checked Long Shirt - Matalan £12.00 Neon Pink Skirt - H&M £5.00

Heart Jumper - Internacionale £10.99 Lipstick Jumper - FD Avenue £17.99

Coral and Purple Bodytops _ FD Avenue £6.99 each

Grape Zip Tshirt - Internacionale £6.99 Cardigan - FD Avenue £17.99

River Island bags left - £35.00 right - £25.00

H&M Fur Waist Coat - £24.99
 I would have included the rest of my clothes but a week later the company haven't got back to me nor do I have my order so will be a further update on that. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading xx