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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Whats In My December She Said Beauty Box

I know a lot of people are disappointed as some got their boxes on time, some like me got theirs a week and half late and others yet still waiting for theirs. Last month there was a mix up of mine I was sent Octobers box again and as a note to say sorry She Said Beauty sent me October's box with an extra little goody so I was really pleased the customer service was brill too. But then again this month I emailed them and they explained Royal Mail are behind due to Xmas. Anyway when I saw the spoiler it looked like there was quite a few goodys and I asked a fellow blogger what she thought as she received her's on time and from what I heard I wasn't really looking forward to the box =[

Here's what I got:

ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream
Doctor Duve Anti-Aging Cream
Jing Green Tea
Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Mask
Amie Clay Mask
Miners Eyeshadow Trio
Technic Nail Varnish
I was excited to see makeup products not only one but TWO! You don't get much makeup in the beauty boxes which is disappointing I love makeup =[ I've had the Amie Clay Mask in a previous beauty box can't remember which one but I enjoyed using it so will be using this. The 24k Under Eye Mask I am excited to try these they seem lovely =]. Not too sure about the ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing cream as I have so many to try from other boxes but will giv it a go. Now I don't know why they thought the need to send sachet samples for anti-aging quite offended to be honest as they are aware of my age and I know its never too soon to start on anti-aging products but really?!?! I've ranted about green tea being in a beauty box before it is NOT a beauty product it may be good for your skin but there is a big diff there so big NO!

I wasn't overly pleased or excited but my box was better than some people's after hearing what they got. If I'm honest I really can't be bothered with the hassle and don't think I'll sub anymore.

What did you get/think?


  1. Very nice stuffs, I do love putting some makeup because it helps me boost my confidence. Thanks!

  2. I don't understand why they'd put tea in a beauty box either, as a non tea drinker I'd be very annoyed if they did that. I used to buy Miners makeup years ago when I was 13/14 I didn't know it was still around as I haven't seen it in the shops since. I've never seen anyone post about a beauty box without some sort of complaint so I'll never subscribe, I'd rather do swaps and buy my own products instead xo

  3. That is the best way Fiona, I don't do hot drinks at all so yh I wasn't happy with green tea I wouldn't hav been happy even if I was a tea drinker x

  4. I didn't get the December one as I didn't renew my subscription after a couple of disappointing months - I was worried I'd be missing out when I heard blogger rumours of the box companies pulling out all the stops in December to bring out special Christmas boxes, but I think I made the right decision!

    1. Well I thought they would have atleast made it a special one with it being Xmas month but nope lucky u didn't sign up Hun x

  5. Just subed to my 1st She Said Beauty Box last week, just waiting on it now. Sad though to hear they are not doing them anymore now though :( Only other one we can get in Ireland is Glossybox and I wasn't too impressed with them x

    1. That's a shame I think it was for their good as the boxes were going downhill n that was looking bad on the company when really I think its a matter of what other companies were willing to give for the boxes I quite like Jolie x

  6. Tea. And green tea at that.

    I don't subscribe to any boxes but I know this may sound stingy, I'd expect alot more for my money.

    Good to see your review on it, I know not to get one now!!

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