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Sunday, 23 December 2012

eBay Haul

God I must be loving hauling nearly all my recent posts have been hauls, not  that I'm complaining :p

This is a slightly unusual one its a eBay haul I have no idea why I ended up buying loads of stuff from eBay maybe the bargain prices god knows but I did so thought I'd share with you guys. All the stuff is at bargain prices so no hole in the pocket shizzle in this haul lol.

Here's what I got: Nail polish

Nail stamping kit

Nail stickers/decals

More nail stickers/decals

Nail designing tape

Nail dotting tools

La Femme glitter palette

Technic Kajal Kohl

Hope you enjoyed this haul would love to know what you think x


  1. Those nail stickers look interesting,and the little glitter palette as well:)As for stamping I have a few plates but it never turn out good,I just suck at stamping:(

    1. I don't find the stamping results so god :( the nail stickers were 99p each xx

  2. I love ebay!! While I was off work ill earlier tjis year I used it to recycle my.wardrobe and 'earn' some money. It is such a great place to find bargains too like this lovely lot u have found!!

    Merry christmas

    1. Wow really! I didn't know u could even do that

      Merry Xmas to u too babe xx

  3. I wanted to get that exact same nail stamping kit while browsing a couple days back but wasn't sure if it's good. So lucky me that you bought them heehee ;) Do let me know if they're easy to work with!

    xo, Maria.

    1. It's actually easy to work with buy i don't like the result :( xx

  4. Hi! I found you on the blog hop and am your newest follower. I was kinda sorta maybe hopin' that you'd pop on by my blog and follow me back!


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  7. Love shopping on Ebay as it has so much stuff.


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