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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Baby's Diary - You Turn 6 Months Old

So this is a new tag I'll be doing on the 18th of each month and I'll basically do a recap/highlight of all my little champions achievements, developments and just moments I'd generally like to look back on and remember. This one will be slightly different and I'll cover the previous months as I am starting 6 months in. I know it's different to my other posts and many people might not read it but for me it is like a little diary, I mean to write all the things down but being a mummy is like living in the fast lane you just don't get chance! I have a keepsake book for my little man anyway but this will be like my personalised keepsake diary :) if you do happen to sit and read through then I hope you enjoy it and as usual comments are welcome x

On the 18/06/2012 at 1.09pm after a long four days you entered mummy and daddy's life, your nanna and daddy were the first to hold you and of course mummy, you was adorable with plump red lips, loads of jet black hair, chubby cheeks and hugggge eyes with the longest lashes possible ... for moments you layed silently watching mummy
When the nurse first bathed you she said 'have you styled your baby's hair' and after the bath she said 'wow he is born with his own hair style ... a comb over' which you still have til this day
Everybody was waiting outside before you even arrived :)
Mummy had to spend the first night with you on her own they wouldn't let daddy stay and mummy struggled to climb out of bed to pick you up the stitches were causing too much pain and bleeding for mummy but mummy still got to you
From the very first day you was a brave soldier from all the little prick tests they did on your heels you just peacefully slept through while I pained seeing your blood :(
From while you was inside mummy up until now your growth and weight are steady and average, your stomach and legs are and have always been above average (long legs you booted the hell out of me while you was inside me there wasn't a day when I didn't have bruised ribs, you was a very hyper baby)
Right from the day go you have been VERY alert and loved bright colours and sophisticated patterns and wallpapers, you often stared at them for ages, I would wonder is this because I was decorating like a mad woman while I was preg or because mummy is the same...who knows
From the day you was born you more than often stuck your middle finger up :/ nanna says this must have been something I did while I was preg (I can't comment lol not sure)
At 4 days old you held your own bottle!
From a month old you was very strong with your neck
You have extremely strong legs which you endlessly kick and it actually hurts
You're feet are adorable a miniature of your daddy's feet
Your hands are small but sooo chubby
You have amazingly soft chubby cheeks which I tend to smother with lipstick more than often (you will hate me when you are older)
Your smile is to die for I melt on the spot
You get LOTS of attention and a lot of it you attract by looking at people and almost draw them in with your massive eyes and gorgeous smile, you even tend to baby talk back and laugh, something you started doing at roughly four months old
At four months old you started grasping your toys and as time went on your coordination got better
At four months old you started holding your neck up very well when I laid you on your front
You braved all your jabs but these ones were slightly too much and you cried for 2 minutes which is still VERY brave, daddy held you mummy couldn't look until it was over
From the very first day right until now you only ever wake up once it used to be 4-5am and has now moved on to 8-9am which is a blessing
I have always been told you look like daddy

At five months onwards:

Your coordination skills are amazing you have started picking up and grasping your toys very well as time went on you even started putting them to your mouth, you hated hard toys in your mouth and teethers instead you loved chewing soft toys until coming near the end of being 5 months old now everything goes in your mouth
You try grab every opportunity you can to hold and chew mummy's arm
You like scratching different textures, even mummy and daddy's face
You love skin to skin contact it helps you sleep and relax, you often stroke mummy's face when you have woken up or whilst drinking your milk
Every spoon full of food ends in a mmmm once it's in your mouth
You are loving all the foods specially chocolate dessert and other sweet desserts
You take your own dummy out of your mouth play around with it and put it back in your mouth
You was being wingy and daddy gave you his empty fruit shoot bottle whilst watching tv and when we realised you was quiet we found you sat there with it in your mouth :O
You love grabbing your feet and taking them to your mouth
You can be very hyper where you lay for ages screaming and making gurgling noises
Your responses to mummy are perfect
We put you in your door/archway bouncer for the first time, your aunty got you this
You was a very good sleeper and slept through everything we started losing that after 3 months and you woke up easily I had to start putting you to sleep in my arms then laying you down but you are getting back to how you used to be
Daddy intended to trim your hair but you was crying like crazy and it went wrong so we had to give you a baldy took us two attempt as mummy couldn't see you crying :(
Daddy lays with you on his chest when he gets home from work and often babysits while mummy has some time to herself or doing chores

Each day I look at you I fill up with joy, I see you growing so fast, I think of everything I feel like I am lacking then assure myself atleast I'm spending all these precious moments with you, you are mummy's little bundle of joy, champion, prince, mummy's little dot and much more (yes more than often I sit and call you all these :p) love you loads little boy you make mummy and daddy's little world complete and I couldn't have asked for more you make everything I went through worth the while xxx


  1. Awww this is so sweet,I really enjoyed reading this post:)Made me remember when my son was that age.Emjoy every second with your lil prince,those the most precious moments <3

    1. Aww thank u, they grow so fast I don't want to let him grow up :( he is ill atm :(
      Thank you for taking the time to read through this long post! Xx

  2. This is so sweet, great idea! xoxo.

    1. It was a idea I got of a fellow blogger but I can't remember who my memory is terrible xx

  3. Aww this is so cute great idea! nice to see a blogger mum , I've just had a little boy :).

    1. Aww congratulations! You should do a similar tag, I wish I started sooner =] xx

  4. Hi I found you through the I love my Post.. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute.. Happy New Year. :)

    1. Happy new year to u too, thank u I will check ur blog out too x


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