Thursday, 22 November 2012

NOTD - 3 Simple Steps

This is my first official NOTD to be fair im quite nervous dont know why but hey. Want gorgeous salon looking nails in the comfort of your own home well look what I discovered!

Water Nail Decals are amazing I first read about them on the lovely Lola's blog. I thought her nails looked amazing so I had a read on not knowing how simple it can be to create lovely looking nails with amazing designs.

Here's what they look like once complete

What you will need:

- A bowl of water
- Scissors 
- Nail decals
- Tissue
- Top coat 

3 Simple Steps:
- Cut and place the decal in the water for roughly 30 seconds.
- Slide the design off and place on to your nails (make sure you have painted your nails of a colour of your choice before hand it will make the design stand out more or if you like you can just put them on clear nails) and pat dry with tissue.
- Apply top coat to seal the design in (if you apply too soon before nail decal is dry it will just ruin the design and be gentle as the designs are delicate).

And there you have it amazing designs in literally few minutes!

I bought mine from eBay from a seller called hailthe nails they also have a website, I paid £2.49 with free P&P and received mine within two days.

Have you tried these ... What do you think???


  1. Very nice hun, I like your rings too xoxo.

    1. Didn't even notice them in the pic until u mentioned them, thank u Hun


  2. wow. Nice design! I really like the black one :)

  3. omg they looks gorgeous and I didnt know it is that easy thank u for sharing xx

  4. Wow looks gorgeous! I love love love the black one. And also love your rings, but you already know my love for your jewelry :)
    Can't wait to see more NOTD's! :)


    1. I'm actually not confident at NOTD OOTD FOTD posts :(


  5. Looks lovely! I may have to get my hands on some! x


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