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Monday, 22 October 2012

What Was In My October Jolie Box

After my first Jolie Box last month which I had excitedly signed up to after seeing reviews I was beyond excited for this month's Jolie Box. I reviewed October's She Said Beauty Box which I won and Glossybox which I'm considering cancelling both boxes were disappointing if I'm honest.

If I'm honest I'm not too pleased with this months Jolie Box here's what I received:

I'm guessing the orginal box is black because last months box was a limited edition colorful one

Items in the usual pouch which I think is a brill idea
The card listing the items

I'm not really fond of the Balance Me products I have the eye cream and lip salve already and don't use either of them so I won't be using this either. 
As for the tea bags I think adding consumable items defeats the object of a beauty box I know they may be healthy/to enhance beauty but really not something I'd expect in a beauty box. 
The other three items I will be using as I love lip products and the exfoliating face wash seems exciting as it contains Argan Oil and is designed to radiate complexion.

Overall for me the box didn't live up to my expectations unfortunately =[ What did you think of this box... Did you receive anything different? Also What do you use your She Said Beauty Box/Jolie Box's for as I have far too many now and don't really want to throw them away x


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh and I think those products are all lovely.
    And I think the tea idea is brilliant. Beauty comes from within, when you feel good you look good :)
    But we all have our own opinions.
    I wish we had some kind of boxes in my country.

    X Deja

    1. Well that is true as well I just think people don't expect stuff like that in a beauty box but more so like cosmetic prods

      That's a shame u can't get these there :(


  3. To be honest, the box isn't that great. I agree with you, tea is a bit weird to put into a beauty box. I mean, I get the idea of inside beauty, but that's not what you expect. If you want tea, you'll go to your local supermarket haha!
    All these beauty boxes have been a disappointment lately..


    1. That's exactly how I feel Sal, a previous box (can't remember which company) they put pop chips in like really would you =/


  4. I unsubscribe from glossy box after months and months of awful boxes, awful customer services, but as of yet I am really really happy with she said beauty and the jolie box, there has been the odd "naff" product but I think they are both miles ahead of the glossy box xxx

    1. I can agree with u on that I've cancelled with Glossybox, if the box is interesting ill just order at the time, she said beauty was slightly disappointing this month but usually the prods r good. I loved last months Jolie box that's when I ordered my first one



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