Sunday, 28 October 2012

Stone Beauty Dead Sea Bath Salts with Lavender Review

Stone Beauty were holding a competition on Twitter I had never heard of them but thought I'd join in just to try my luck. All I had to do was tweet them with a product I would like to win, I chose 'dead sea bath salts with lavender'. Lavender has been known for healing, soothing and relaxing for many years and has got more popular with time. 

Lavender is a ingredient I will always cherish as it helped me alot after giving birth I had second degree stitches OUCHHHH. So I used to use it in hot baths and it really did work some wonders so for that I will always love it. Dead sea bath salts another very common and well known ingredient which is now found in many different types of forms and products. these two reasons are why I chose this product.

To my luck I won! 

What Stone Beauty say:
Description and Benefits
Dead sea salts are well known for their healing and therapeutic qualities which include calming relief for dry skin and eczema, soothing and softening the skin and relieving joint and muscle tension. Lavender essential oil has a soothing and calming effect.
Directions for use: Pour into running bath water, soak, pat skin dry. Use within 6 months of opening.
Ingredients: maris sal (100% pure sea salts from the Dead Sea), lavandula angustifolia (lavender essential oil), limonene, linalool, geraniol (naturally occurring allergens in essential oil).

What I thought:
Amazing packaging I now use this for other purposes, the lavender and dead sea bath salts really did relax my body and muscles, the smell of lavender was pretty strong tbh but I really don't mind it. Overall great product loved it. Here is a link to Stone Beauty if you fancy checking out the rest of their stuff. I am looking into buying a lip balm.


  1. It looks so cute! For what purposes did you use it?? You said "for other purposes". I'm curious :)


    1. I use the pot for water marbelling for ur curiousotity lol


    2. haha, good one :D Recycling :)
      I love this kinda a packaging. I had a body butter once in this kinda packaging and I cleaned it and saved my makeup sponges in it :))
      I love lavander,too. I love to lit my lavander candles before bed time to calm me down. so nice :)
      Lovely post and congratulations on your award:)

    3. Me too a handy lil pot lavender is amazing for loads of diff causes, thank u hun :)



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