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Friday, 5 October 2012

Betty Buff Scrubs Review

Betty Buff is a company run by a lady who hand makes these products herself!!!

Ask me I personally think Betty Buff is one of them names which is going to be VERY popular, I was first drawn to Betty Buff on Twitter of course when she mentioned she is now making lip scrubs. My first lip scrub is from Lush in 'Bubblegum' I love it and will love it forever. 

Anyway when I heard of the exciting lip scrub flavours she was launching I was excited I was even more excited when she wanted a few people to try the products and review them for her so without blinking I jumped to tweet her and offer to review them for her and was lucky enough to be chosen.

Fancy hearing Strawberry lip scrub, Honey lip scrub and CANDY FLOSS scrub how amazing is that! I received one of each and a happy bunny I was away I went to jump in the shower excitedly =]

After using the scrubs for a week I have noticed once used they feel very oily around the area used but at the same time VERY moisturizing for the skin as a true reviewer I passed this feedback onto Betty and it was then I was enlightened these products specify for those people who have troubled skin i.e. eczema/dry skin.
My skin I would say can be dry nothing major in any sense but I really dont mind using these products I have got more than used to them and enjoy how soft my skin is left feeling. 

Another amazing factor about these products they are created with DRIED FRUIT rather than frozen fruit as other companies use. The lip scrubs actually only contain 3 ingredients!

The lip scrubs sell at £2.99 each or two for £5 and the the Candy Floss scrub is £8 which means they are very affordable so if you want to look into buying these either follow Betty Buff @A1Betty or head over to her website by clicking this link.


  1. Great review hunni :)

    I have recently purchased the lip scrub from lush in bubblegum but come novemeber I will defo be ordering these:)


    1. Only thing is texture of these r dryer to the Lush one I love the bubblegum one by Lush too one of my fav's, these are good that they leave u feeling extra moisturized xx

  2. You can also make lip scrubs yourself. You can use olive oil and sugar and maybe some honey :)
    Lovely post!
    Xx Deja
    Deja Zu

    1. Yeh I just dont have the time hun with me having a lil baby

      Thank u though



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