Friday, 28 September 2012

What was in my September Jolie Box

This is the first time I have ever used Jolie and it was only after seeing reviews of what other's had received that I jumped to the opportunity and signed up luckily I was still able to sign up to for September's box. I must say WOW I am as amazed I thought I would be. They have a gorgeous limited edition bax and unlike Glossy Box where the items were not as pleasing as the limited edition box I was more than pleased with the items in the box too.

Unlike other monthly subscription boxes you get a free magazine with this one too, there was also a leaflet with a 10% discount code for Boohoo which will be useful to me.

All the items come in a mini pouch another little addition. As soon as I opened my pouch I was hit by this gorgeous smell I had to have a smell 3 times and then smelt every item to see where it was coming from.

Magazine and Boohoo leaflet with 10% discount code
Info card

The gorgeous box
Drawstring pouch

The items I received

Dr Brogi Bio Marine Exfoliant
 You may look at these and think what the hell and usually I kick a fuss about minitures what beauty boxes class as a 'luxury sample' but from reading reviews I read a little of this stuff goes a long way besides these are extra's
Coconut Face Mask
 I love the smell of Coconuts so really can't wait to try this

Redken Protective Straightening Lotion
 This is one of the items what indulged me into signing up for this months Jolie box I am currently loving Redken since trying my first product from a She Said Beauty Box

 Want to know what the gorgeous smell was...well it was this little beauty omg I am in love! The main reason I wanted this months box, it also has a little clip which can be attached mine is going with my keyrings and keys

Twist Band
 These are hair bands designed not to make your hair kink and not long ago they were a trend to be wore on your wrists another product I am happy with 

Wide Awake Palette

My first make up product from the beauty boxes I am subscribed to 3 including this one and only joined up this month and last month for all of them. This is an illuminating and skin brightening kit which also has eyebrow shading colours...pretty amazing if you ask me along come a pair of tweezers and a mini brush how cool is that!

What I think:
I am more than pleased to have this box and will be leaving my subscription going with Jolie box. I love all the stuff what came in this box and really look forward to next months box =]


  1. I received mine this morning too!! Chuffed xx

  2. Looks like a nice box to receive

    1. Its a lovely box I love everythin I got too


  3. Ooh decent box! Rarely see a nice one nowadays :)

    1. I know I only ordered this box for the 1st time after seeing reviews n Im soo happy I did



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