Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lissele Jewellery - Earrings Review

Hi peeps, this post is about a lovely young motivated 16 year old girl who has set out for her dreams very young and full of inspiration. I first heard of Lissele on Twitter of course, she was offering to send out a free pair of earrings, all I had to do was sign up on her website Lissele Jewellery create a wishlist and send it to her it was as simple as that.

She has selections of gorgeous jewellery starting as low as £1! If you add her on Twitter and get to know her you will for yourself see her motivation and passion shine. Not to forget she is really lovely.

Lissele has two websites one for UK peeps and one for USA peeps the link above is for the UK peeps. You can also add her on Twitter @LisseleJ.

Anyway I chose about 6 pairs of earrings for my wishlist and emailed it on.. And then I received one of the pairs of earrings I chose how nice is that. Here are the earrings I chose which I think are a great design and unique and absolutely cute!


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