Sunday, 30 September 2012

DGJ Organics

DGJ Organics were looking for bloggers to review their 'Hair Colour Remover' and because my hair has a build up of colour and the condition has gone from bad to worse specially after giving birth I opted in and requested to review the product for them. They were really hepful and kind with great customer service they checked my blog out and were happy enough to send me the product.

The product is very similar to a hair stripper but much more friendlier for your hair.

About the product: It's an organic hair colour remover - it floats the dye molecules off and you then wash it out with the formula, it's a bit like a home hair dye kit except it removes colour instead of adding it. Leaves your hair in fab condition, too! It's not damaging in any way as it is bleach and ammonia free with organic aloe vera and cucumber in to strengthen the hair.

I gave this colour remover a go and well first impressions the smell was horrible if I'm honest my house and hair stunk of rotten eggs, yep u read that right, I've washed my hair 3 times and the smell is just there =[ I have to use loads of stuff on my hair to mask the smell. My hair well rather than going back to the dark brown/black my natural colour which I didn't expect it to go back to but it washed out to a brown/blonde! I really wasn't happy and its a good job my hair has been every colour poss in the past that I came round. I removed the colour firstly and simply because since giving birth it has been really bad but it looks like I will have to dye it again because the colour is clashing with my skin tone.

So I tweeted DGJ Organics who were pretty helpful and I wont take that away from them they did mention what the horrible smell was it is something to do with the ingredients I cant remember exactly what they said if I'm honest but they said the colour on my hair before (deep red) must have contained peroxide which has resulted in all this (I wish I was pre-warned because when offering to review I did mention what colour my hair was) anyway they kindly offered to send me shampoo and conditioner which I think was really nice of them and advised I dye my hair a semi permanent colour.

I received a shampoo, conditioner, repair conditioner mask and a everyday conditioner
These smell beyond gorgeous!!!

Colour before using the colour remover

Colour after using colour remover although this pic doesn't justify how light the colour is but its the best pic I could take
You can see what my natural colour is supposed to be. So just a word of advice be careful before using colour removers look further into what type of hair colour you have used and what result you can be left with.

In all honesty and fairness I can't blame DGJ I guess it falls down to what type of colour you have on your hair and they did kindly send me shampoo and conditioner all organic certified AND the shampoo doesn't contain sulphate.

Here is their link to the website for organic products.


  1. I never heard of the brand before. But I can see it had effect on your hair!
    The product is not for me, cause I don't dye my hair, but if you do, it seems like a good product :)
    I love the red hair on you, lovely!


    1. I dont really like the colour I'm left with because it clashes with my skin tone =[


  2. Hey, giving a proffesional view having been in the hair industry most of my life. You should have done more research into colour removers because they do not remove colour on your hair they strip any pigment in the hair which naturally strips the pigment in your natural hair colour too, therefore always leaving a blonde or bleached colour. They are not really suitable for using if you do not put a colour back on top which resembles your natural colour to let it grow out.

    Hope this helps

    1. Hey this was an organic colour remover so not a stripper itself it shrinks the molecules and floats them off in the water and to be fair I did read the packaging some hair dyes permanently lighten your hair so I kind of knew it wasn't going to go back to my natural colour cos of the colour build up in my hair.

      =] thanks alot the packaging did state what you've said to be fair


  3. How can I remove that smeelllllll? It's horrible! :((

  4. How can I remove that smeelllllll? It's horrible! :((


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