Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Body shop Brow & Liner Dupe

As you will all know MUA are really on their way onwards and upwards with amazing quality products and shockingly affordable prices, not only that but they are releasing more & more new products. One of which is the 'Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit'. Now could this be a dupe or a good enough product to really knock them high end eyebrow kits out of the way. My holy grail eyebrow kit is one by the Bodyshop costing £10.00. I've now been using this for ermm 5-6 years because I have ultimately thin and faint eyebrows. Pencils really are not the thing to be using on them as it makes them look way to fake which doesn't amuse me. So I've been using this for years and brushing my eyebrows in way before all the HD Brows hype even begun.

Any way lets compare the two by looking at this pic:

Both come with a slanted brush, I prefer the Bodyshop one if I'm honest it helps you arch your brows alot easier however the MUA brush is just as good quality. Pro-Brow contains tweezers which is pretty handy and gel to apply before plucking or to be applied to eyebrows before brushing your eyebrows in. Pro-brow comes with one colour suitable for eyebrows, a highlighting colour which doesn't have a shimmer and a nude eyeshadow which doesnt really show up on my skintone. The Bodyshop one has the same colour as the Pro-Brow for your eyebrows and then a darker colour again for eyebrows but can be used as a liner aswel.

Ok feature's wise I think Pro-Brow takes this one away because of the gel and extra highlight/eyeshadow color, it's mirror is also bigger.

Let's see pigmentation wise focusing mainly on just the eyebrow colour:
Bodyshop Brow & Liner

To be fair there is only a slight difference, I didnt try Pro-Brow with the gel underneath which no doubt will pick the colour even more. For me I think it has to be Pro-Brow specially when it only costs £3.50 saving me £6.50. The only thing I havent been able to test is the wear on Pro-Brow because I haven't used it enough times to make a fair judgement in that respect, the Bodyshop one lasts all day. So aslong as I get a good enough wear out of it yes I will be turning to Pro-Brow from now on =]

What do you think guys??


  1. I found you through BBU blog hop! and am now a follower :)

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    1. Wow tht sounds cute I'll check it out

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  4. Great post!
    I currently use The Body Shops brow & liner kit, but it's good to have other options ^__^

    Heather x

    +~ The Glambulance ~+

  5. thanks for the review, always wondered how you use the gel in the MUA palette xo


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