Wednesday, 26 September 2012

2nd Weekly Make-Up Tag - Arabian Look

Yeyy it's that time again peeps. This weeks make-up look was Arabian make-up and I will pre-warn you there is some mad skills gone on in these pics these ladies have done an amazing job. Not only that but these ladies are really nice so if you fancy any blogger/Twitter friends make sure to follow their blogs and on Twitter.

More ladies had the time to prepare beforehand and have enjoyed taking part. They have made huge efforts and are brilliant in their own ways. I admire each one of you ... once again great job ladies.

This weeks gorgeous ladies are:

- Petite Sal Twitter - @PetiteSal - Blog link
- Deja Zu Twitter - @BooogeyWoman - Blog link
- Maria Veronicaa - Twitter - @mariaveronicaa - Blog link                                                             
- Mez - Twitter - @Mezmadeup - Blog link                                                                   
- Beauty by DM - Twitter - @BeautyByDM - Blog link   
- Gemma - Twitter - @gemmabutton - Blog link
- Jasmine - Twitter - @sweetaholic - Blog link
- Alessia - Twitter - @lil_alessia - Blog link   
Petite Sal's look:

  Deja Zu's look:

Maria's look:
Mez's look:

Beauty by DM's look:

Gemma's look:

 Jasmine's look:

Alessia's look:

Finally my look:

 So the look for next week we have all decided is 'Lady Gaga' inspired make-up. Would love for you all to take part again hope you all enjoy this post and most of all a BIG thank you to these lovely ladies who took part. So if you are taking part in next weeks 'Lady Gaga' inspired make-up look could you please email pics to: and leave me a comment below so I remember to get everyones pic's before posts are released, could you also leave me your email addresses so I can give you a quick nudge/reminder. Again can photos be in on the Tuesday (2nd Oct) thanks peeps =]


  1. Fabulous work done by all ladies again :D
    Aqeela, I need a tutorial for your look PRONTO!!

    1. I need to loads of people have requested for me to aswel just so many reviews to do and then I do this tag too xx

  2. Wow they all look great! Definitely have to step up my game for next week haha!
    And omg you definitely need to start doing tutorials, your look is AMAZING!!

    1. You took part thats the main thing, Gaga make-up will be a challenge for me too somethng I haven't done before xx

  3. Oooh very pretty looks!
    Im looking forward to next weeks looks

    Well done you guys xoXo

    1. Haha me too although I dont know what I will be comin up with


  4. It's so interesting to see so many different eye shapes and faces doing makeup on the same theme.:)
    Great job ladies! Get prepared for Lada Gaga madness :))

    xo Deja
    Deja Zu

    1. Thats the exact thought what runs through my head when I put posts together, I'm glad I started this tag.

      Yep Gaga madness up next


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  6. What shadows did you use aqeelah?

    1. Ahh i used loads lol what eyeshadows do u use n lol at how u spelt my name x

  7. Love the idea of a weekly inspired look i'd love to take part!All the looks are beautiful.Will be emailing you with my inspired look soon! My email is x

  8. That woulf be great, the more people the more fun

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with


  9. Hey hun, I tagged you! xoxo.

    1. I'll head over n check it out but thank u


  10. Hey hun, I've emailed you my pics for the Lady Gaga look, xoxo

  11. Oh, some great looks here, I'm so inspired to try some new ones. :)
    I love how everyone has their own style!

    I have some free time today so I might try doing a Lady Gaga look for the upcoming week! :)

  12. I've sent that email through with some looks for you, hun.

    1. Yeyy I'll hav a look as soon as i go on my laptop xx


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