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Monday, 13 August 2012

Whats In My Handbag - Bare Minerals review

What's in my handbag is a website which involves alot of fun basically about what everyone has in their handbags. You create a profile upload pictures to say what you have in your handbag, you then look at others to see what others have in theirs. Each week 'Whats In My Handbag' give you the opportunity to sign up to review the product of the week, they then choose the people who have been successful and send them out the products.

I was lucky enough to be selected. I was sent an email informing me I had been lucky enough to be chosen and that my sample had been dispatched, two days later I received my sample.

 My products came beautifully wrapped and sealed with a sticker with my full name on it which I thought was very thoughtful.

 I received a introductory booklet explaining the ways of application, a gorgeous small beautiful brush and a sample size pot which I'm guessing will be enough for one/two applications. Texture of the powder is amazingly soft =].

The booklet shows the three steps for application, I dont know about you but using and applying mineral foundation can be tricky so these instructions are pretty useful and easy.

The brush may be small but will be definitely something I'll keep. I hope to invest in some Bare Minerals at some point. At the moment I own Bellapiere Minerals very similar quality. Minerals are the best products you could possibly use on your skin as they contain no chemicals and only 3 ingredients I just slightly push back using my Bellapiere because I find it slightly time consuming because of the blending process.


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