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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sugarpill Palette Review

I was scrolling through Beautylish at make up looks what others have created and this palette was recommended, the look was very bright and looked amazing so I thought why not I'll try it out. Unfortunately I don't think they sell in us I think it was USA where mine came from meaning like a idiot I paid slightly over the odds because of P&P but being a make-up-holic I couldnt help myself if I remember postage wait wasn't too long. So this is the palette I ordered....

My general thoughts quite pleased, the palette comes quite stylish, looks professional, all the colours are matte and fairly pigmented. My favourite colour is purple (I am slightly obsessed with purples!). To be fair I'm not sure if you will have ever paid enough attention to know red eyeshadow is a colour you will not see much of as it involves a lot of pigment and the reds you do tend to find are pretty weak in colour strength, I must say this red isn't the best but not too bad either.

What do you think?....Have you ever heard of this palette/brand?


  1. Hey you have a lovely blog, I can see your MAC and make-up mad like me lol. Please have a look at my blog if you have the time xx

  2. Haha yep I'm make-up mad I've gta massive dressing table but yet still no room! thanks for the comment followin u back x


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